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Newsletter Issue #109: 30 Jul 2006

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Hit Your Head Music in an independent label based in Hawkes Bay, started in 1996 as the release machine for Big Blue Blanket the label now hosts a wide range of talents including Amy Racecar, Angel Hammer, Box, Gertie, Horowitz, Music Dog, SERVO, Sword, Tempo 38 & The Clerics.

Below is the word on some of the more active artists on Hit Your Head Music.



Amy Racecar originally formed in Napier, New Zealand, in the year of our lord 2001. Over 5 years and 20 band members later, they have released four EPs, played a few shows and conducted many rituals involving the black arts.

Describing their musical output as 'pop music with other bits', Amy Racecar have never been shy of embracing or destroying any musical genre that has come to hand. lurching between blast-beat goodness and lilting country ballads along with new wave beatdowns splashed with no wave mouthwash.Taking a leaf from Split Enz, Angel Hammer, The Headless Chickens with a dash of The Skeptics and the Patea Maori Club, Amy Racecar have produced an uneasy blend of sonics they stole from the aforementioned.

Currently Amy Racecar are recording their debut album at Dudley Studios in Hamilton.

'Acerbic modern rock seen on current stages as well as unparalleled oddities.' - Real Groove Magazine

'The peculiar beast that is Amy Racecar is sure to root the listener to the spot, whether it is from the ecstasy of musical carnage or horror at the toppling of pop idols.' - Rip It Up Magazine

'Perfect music for that slumber party with 50 year old men having pillow fights!' - muzic.net.nz

Amy Racecar:
Billy - Voice
Lemon - Bass
Gareth - Guitar
Anthony Reu - Drums
Frankie - Keys



The Clerics are a three piece band based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Playing short, aggressive, new wave splashed with no wave, intensely furious tunes with bass, keys, guitar, drums and voice, The Clerics' music is a wonderland of quasi pop angularity and cock-blocking beats.

In February 2005 The Clerics released their debut album Graveyard of the Dead, a nine track album (with bonus video Cautions), the release was followed by 'The  Minatory Tour 2005' which also featured Angel Hammer & SERVO. In June 2005 The Clerics commenced a nationwide tour with Gadget Goose and Amy Racecar. July/August 2005 saw The Clerics hit the road to support the release of their second album The Bitches Will Fly, with tours across the North and South Island. Currently The Clerics played more than 45 shows through 2005...

October 2005 saw the third album release from New Zealand's most prolific band,capping off their busy year with Desperation on the Dancefloor. This album marks a departure from previous releases by The Clerics with the exclusion of guitars. Using just voice, bass, keys and programmed drums, The Clerics have produced an intriguing album of pop-scum tunes that range from scum-techno to scum-noiseblast.
A video for the first single Sleep Club was recently filmed featuring legendary clashes between the Gay Ninja Clan and the Santa Claus Power Team.

Live, The Clerics produce the chaos in full effect. Clerics’ sets are furious blasts through their back catalogue with nary a pause for breath, and sometimes 20-30 songs in a single set. Clerics’ shows are lively affairs with an overload of audience participation.

The Clerics:
Vince - Bass/Voice
Gary - Drums/Voice
Benno - Keys/Guitar/Voice




TEMPO 38 ‘infamous hardcore punk rock group from Hawkes Bay' have been doing it the hard way since 2000. The band incorporates driving upbeat music with an energetic live show. ‘The Temps’ have released 3 EP's, have tracks featured on numerous compilation CD’s (released in New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the UK) and played with many bands from N.Y.C hardcore legends SHUTDOWN to Californian pop-punk band THE ATARIS to Aussie punk legends HARD-ONS to NZ’s own THE BLEEDERS, the band have embarked on two Headlining tours of their home-country and hit the road on a regular basis for one off shows.

TEMPO 38 is to release split CD with PROVOKE (AUS) through Adelaide-based label PEE Records (due out late 2006), the split will feature five new Tempo 38 tracks recorded at Rock Bottom Studios last, engineered by Nich Cunningham (Evil Priest, Kill Me Quickly) and mastered at Tracks Adelaide by Martyn Zub (Murder Hill, The Hot Lies, Hill Top Hoods) To promote the release T38 and Provoke will tour both NZ and AUS. The bands track ‘Septic Proof’ has also been chosen to feature on PEE Approved #3, a free CD with the PEE zine issue #37.

Tempo 38:
Parry - Vocals
Kane - Bass
Matt - Guitar
Vorn - Guitar
Borlen - Drums/Vocals

Photo: Roger Grauwmeijer www.RokPx.com


Yo, I'm Servo, my claim to fame is actually being on Hit Your Head Music...Sick!, I put out an album a little while back called 'Ron Giorgi Park', named after a park in Flaxmere down the road from where I grew up (that's the one with the massive skate bowl) where we used to do big as jumps as on our BMX's, now I just drink piss and write songs which no one gets (that's muso talk for 'No one likes') here is some Q&A with the good cunts at muzic.net to make you general NZ music listening public think I'm shit-hot and go looking for my music n that. Well... don't, instead spend your money on 85-92 era thrash & later on..funk metal.

1) Who are your favourite NZ bands and artists?
Oh yea, these bands and specifically these records..
OMC - How Bizarre
Pumpkinhead - Sloth
Head Like A Hole - 13
SHIHAD - Devolve
Ultimate - Broken On the Wheel/Eden's Gate Demo
Warners - Satelite Surfing (Single)
Jan Hellreigel - It's My Sin
Push Push - Song 27 & What My Baby Likes (Singles)

RULZ!, If you played in any of these bands..fuck! drop me a line. [email protected] Fuck it, drop me a line anyway.

2) What is your favourite NZ venue?
ODINS/State Of It in Napier was pretty good when Dave was there, but now it's The Rack N Ruin and it's shit. I don't do a lot of gigs tho, I'd rather drink piss and watch someone else make a cunt of themselves, Besides.. O'Flaherty's is now a Tango bar, and a local joke, so there's really no where to play in Hawkes Bay and goin on the road with a beat-box is kind of lonely.

3) What is the best live gig you have ever been to?
Head Like A Hole at the Cabana, Napier in 1994, Suicidal Tendencies at The Powerstation in 1999, 'Yeeeeaaaa, let's get CYCO!!!' - Yea I know but nothing new really cuts it.

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Fuck knows!, probably still in Hawkes Bay on the dole listening to Cryptic Slaughter. hanging out with schoolgirls - probably have a new disc to play 'em by then tho, choice.

5) How do you keep in contact with your fans?
Well going on record sales I don't have any, if they want to come say hello, then they know where I am. I got me one of those myspace pages, got a few mates n that, but most of the cunts on there don't know fuck all about the real shit.

6) What rumour would you like to start about [yourself/yourselves]?
SERVO and his album 'Ron Giorgi Park' got turned away by Dawn Raid, 'They said I wasn't fat enough' says the lean MC SERVO.

7) What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?
A, Do not write you own opening spiel
B, You are not 'Hardcore', in fact you are not any kind of 'core'
C, There's good reason why you are 'undiscovered'
D, Jump on any wagon you can
E, Where's da beerz?

Oh yea, I've got x3 copies of my album to give away, if you can tell muzic.net.nz which Servo is the 'real' Servo in the pic you'll get one! First in first Servo'd

Thanks for your time

See ya on the piss



Photo: Katrina Riley


Angel Hammer is a beast asleep, the band is not finished...there is no band, just an entity of pure evil and total darkness. Stay tuned Scumbags!


Well we hope you've enjoyed the whole feature on Hit Your Head Music. Alec and co certainly put a lot of work into promoting the bands in their region, so show your support and get along to their gigs and buy their stuff!

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We had the pleasure of heading along to see these guys here in Palmy a couple of weeks back, along with Agent and 5Star Fallout. Read all about it here!


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