28 May 2024

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Pariah - Pariah Interview - 11/05/2012

23 May 2012 // An interview by Asmith

Ok we’re here with Pariah from Wanganui...

Denvar - Nah I’m from fucken Mars mate.

Ok... You guys have an EP out, what’s that called again?

Pariah - Humanageddon.

Ryan - I patented that word, so if anyone tries to rip it off they’ve gotta pay me some fucken money haha.

You actually patented it?

Ryan - Nah, not yet. Haha.

No shit, when we first did it, I typed humanageddon into Google, and it came up with Pariah NZ. And that was my moment of originality.

When’s the album coming out?

Johnboy - By the end of the year, It’s been like two years (in the making).

Cool, so I should expect the new Pariah album in my letterbox with my Christmas card then?

Johnboy - Oh, it will be done before then mate.

So what’s the new album going to be called? Do you want to release the name?

Koert - Ah yeah, better not.

Denvar - I’m gonna sell it as The Vagina – if you love the Vagina, buy this!

What are your biggest influences, both musically and in life?

Ryan - What, now? Or when we started?

Johnboy - We could be here for hours!

Denvar - Well, if you wanna get down to the hats and nails of it, you can’t go past a good cunt!

Johnboy - Pantera, Slayer and V8’s.

Ryan - No shit man, when I was about fucken... young, I went to Pantera when they played in Wellington and that’s pretty much it man. It changed my fucken life, and from then on it was metal all the way! Early influences started as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, as early as like 8-12 and shit man, busted that shit out to Nirvana, then through to everything nowadays you know If it’s good man, it’s fucken good man, at the moment it’s Gojira, they’re pretty awesome. Queens of the Stone Age man, they’re fucken awesome, Pantera I think are going to have to be number one for me though I think man. Big kudos to my girl, she loves my music too, which is awesome.

She getting her horns up?

Ryan - Yeah, she’s been doing that since she was about 2!

Koert - Musically these days everything’s just getting, like, everything’s the same aye but one band that changes everything is fucken Gojira man, fuck they are the penultimate metal band for me man, like I fucken love Pantera and all that shit man, I rep them HARD but fucken Gojira dude... You know, everyone’s just trying to be fucken brutal, but Gojira man, they’re like every kinda style that I wanna hear in music. Just music man. Music inspires me. And my kids.

Speaking of music, and everything being the same, what do you think separates you from a lot of these other heavy break-down type of metal bands?

Koert - We kinda don’t overuse the break-down thing.

Ryan - We try to be different.

Denvar - I’m listening to rap music!

Ryan - Yeah, that guy listens to rap music. That’s why we’re different!

Koert - That pretty much sums it all up. But, yeah, we fucken love our heavy break-downs, and we are influenced by it, the fact that we do have break-downs.


Koert - Yeah, but it’s good to have a big circle of influences. A wide range of music.

Yeah, when I saw you guys chugging away tonight, you’ve got a pretty mean circle bit going.

Koert - Yeah, I think the main reason we like to play break-downs is people tend to mosh more during break-downs.

Have you guys got any goals for the near future?

Ryan - Get this fucking album finished! A big part of it is the money, you know?

Have you guys got any gigs coming up?

Pariah - Junefest, the 30thof June at Breakers Bar in Wanganui.

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened at a gig or on tour?

Ryan - When we jumped off stage, beat the crap out of this dude, and threw him out the fucking door.

Haha, where was this?

(loud arguing between Pariah)

You’ve done it more than once?

So don’t turn up to a Pariah gig and be a dick then?

Ryan - Yeah, don’t be a fucken dick, haha

Na, some guy was in the mosh pit getting fisty with the girls. So we jumped off the stage, laid in a few hits, and literally threw him out the door. It was awesome.

And who said chivalry was dead...

Any final comments you wanna say to your fans and potential fans?

Ryan - We have fans? Sweeeet!

Koert - Listen to us, cos we’re different to everyone else, who’s also different to everyone else... but we’re all the same.

Johnboy - That isn’t the same, haha.

Ryan - Keep tuned for an album coming out this year.

Koert - When I piss, I don’t even shake my dick.



About Pariah

Created early 2007, Pariah set about playing covers from bands such as Rage Against The Machine and Lamb Of God, Then slowly started to write some of their own original material.

Now defined and with a direction for their own sound, they proceed to produce
a steady flow of originals - and with each piece different and succeeding the next,
it is difficult to define their heavy sound into a specific genre.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Pariah


There are no releases to display for Pariah.

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