19 Jul 2019

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Music News - 2017 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards: Live Updates

2017 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards: Live Updates

16 November 2017 - 0 Comments

Muzic.net.nz reported live from the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards on Thursday 16 November 2017! Here are all the evening's live updates from our on-site reporter, Paul Goddard.


10.15pm Lorde killed it. Take that any way you want to. Jacinda just got a reception John Key could only ever dream off. In fact scratch that, he would never dream of connecting with people who create anything but money. Let's hope NZ continues to push its artists and its music and its uniqueness, not just within this corporate sector but by getting behind the grass roots musicians who you will never see at Spark/Vodafone/Vector/insert sponsor here Arena. R.I.P The Kings Arms, Theia will miss you.

10pm OK, I think that most of the industry back slapping done now and we are looking forward to some musicians doing what they do best and performing live. Will next year be the Spark awards in the Vodafone Arena, or maybe just the NZ Music Awards voted for by the people who go out and buy/watch/consume music? (of course not)

Until next time I hope you enjoyed it. Well done SWIDT and Devilskin, you deserve it and for anyone I missed I just want to thank my mum my record label and everyone who got me to where I am today.

9.50pm It's now my favourite category Best Rock Artist - I hope it's Clap Clap Riot but no it’s SWIDT! Just kidding of course it’s Devilskin.

Apologies for typos or incorrect spelling if artists there is a serious internet lag here at the Spark Arena. Maybe Vodafone sabotaged it

9.41pm International Achievement - Moana and Lorde both taking the stage. Sorry I don’t know who actually won the award but they both deserve it.

9.28pm SWIDT just won Best Group as well I am shocked and happy for them.

9.16pm Holy **** SWIDT just took out Best Hip-Hop, best shick of the night so far.

9.05pm Highest Selling Single in NZ goes to Kings. Well deserved as they were up against Lorde and her 3 singles. It can’t be argued Kings sold more here in NZ. 

8.53pm Theia is playing “live”, I would put money on that she has never played the Kings Arms but she is doing a good impression of Lorde in a big white fluffy dress that Lorde would never wear. Awesome.

8.45pm Ladi6 just got Best RnB I would have preferred another nominee but all credit to Ladi6.
She just summed it up, if you are supported by the majors you get rewarded by the majors at these awards that are controlled by the majors.

8.42pm Lorde just took out the first award. No surprise there but well deserved.

8.35pm Moana opening sequence is seriously really cool and a great choice for opening the event. Great response from the Crowd.

Jono and Ben just pointed out how awkward it is to have the Vodafone Awards at Spark Arena.

8.30pm OK we are getting started. The corporates have sniffed the goal and Jono and Ben are about to take the stage.
Please excuse typos as this is a live corporate event and they just had Hoskins on the video just to prove that this is all about the $


Starting to get ready to head into Auckland, should be a fun night so I will keep you posted - PG

Just remembering the NZ music awards before they became the slick corporate event that they are now. I remember Kody from The Mint Chicks climbing over seats to reach the stage. At Awards around the world such as Q, NME, The Brits, MTV etc there is always a bit of controversy. Musicians plus lots of free alcohol is always fuel for the fire. Here in NZ the most controversial we usually get is questioning why someone is nominated in a certain category or not. We potentially have that again tonight with Alien Weaponry. I personally would have no problem if they walk away with that award tonight but I don't think they will. Music Awards are now an industry event, even the peoples choice award is not really that as the nominees are chosen by the industry. I do hope we have someone tonight who stands out not by the award they win but by what they say or do. Let's see. I will keep you posted....

Just about to get security screened wow there are some really shit suits being worn here tonight but I will hopefully be avoiding commenting on what people are wearing and will concentrate on the music

Just so we get this straight before things get messy Aldous Harding needs to win everything she is nominated for as do SWIDT. That feels better now that my bias is out in the open.

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    Blanco Brown
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