25 Jun 2024

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It's on again! Boost Mobile, in association with Dawn Raid Entertainment is bringing you the biggest names in NZ Hip Hop - see the likes of Savage, Fast Crew, King Kapesi, Dei Hamo, Adeaze, Mareko, Deceptikonz, DJ Sir-Vere, Misfits of Science and Alphrisk, Aaradhna and the Caramels - perform in 15 towns around Aotearoa!

The tour kicks off on April 15th in Christchurch before travelling the country, finishing in Auckland on April 30th!


As the Boost Mobile Hook Up Tour rolled its way into Auckland on the 30th April, it called an end to an extremely intense few weeks. After looking at the tour itinerary I was expecting an extremely lack-lustre performance, as the artists started in Christchurch on the 15th of April and they played their way through 14 locations in 15 days, regardless of whether or not you like hip-hop, you HAVE to appreciate the workload on these artists and crew. This was not the case however.

They came, they saw and they conquered.

The concert in itself was a lot better than I was expecting, the venue was questionable to say the least, and sure it is a fantastic auditorium, but a gig with seating? But I suppose for an old timer like me it was good to have nice sit down for the evening. Apart from some of the brightest lights pointing right in my face, these was the only downside to a very professionally run show. The change overs between groups was slick, little time for the crowd to get restless.

As far as the artists go, I have to say DJ Sir-Vere's set was one of the best displays of DJ'ing I have ever witnessed. Along with MC's PNC and MZRE, he shook the crowd up with local and international beats, cementing his already firm grip as the best hip-hop DJs in the country.

Savage and the Decepticonz rolled onto the stage with their now increasing array of hits, and again the crowd, by this stage all piled into the isles to get to the front, went crazy. The highlight for me was 'Moonshine', destined to be one of the biggest NZ songs of the year.

Everyone had great sets, with the Fast Crew and Misfits of Science getting huge applause, along with Dei Hamo, King Kapisi and Adeaze making their fans stand to their feet. If you like NZ hip-hop/Rap/RnB and you missed this show, you really missed out. While it wasn't really my 'cup of tea', I had to appreciate the effort and skill of all involved in the tour. BIG UPS BOOST MOBILE HOOK UP TOUR.


Sometimes I wonder if I am the luckiest girl in the world. New Zealand is a great country and better yet we have a great music industry. Our musicians they are definitely WORLD CLASS. Seriously in New Zealand we love and support our artists because they make great music and they make it directly for us. Comparatively to other nations we are just starting out, but what a start. The boost mobile hook-up tour takes Kiwi hip hop music around the country and yes they have a tour bus, and they put on one hell of a show. I love to go to live shows because I like to see how good the musicians actually are. I have never been disappointed by a kiwi musician that I have seen live, and taking time out to see the boost mobile hook up tour even though I was sick and spent the day sleeping did not disappoint me and you know when your sick you know all you want to do is get back into your warm bed. But as soon as I stepped into the crowd of over 600 people at the Founders Theatre in Hamilton on a cold Friday night all thoughts of sleeping bounced out of my head with thunderous beats, harmonious singing and the screams of fans who were well pleased they didn't stay at home either.

The only people luckier then I was that night where a couple of kids who got hooked up when they won tickets backstage to watch the show and were invited onstage to entertain the crowd with all the musicians on tour to perform together with Savage and The Deceptikons. (Hanging with the guys from The Fast Crew is every teenage girl's fantasy come true, I heard from a reliable source!). New Zealand musicians are all always so down to earth, they please their fans on stage and are genuinely nice to them off stage not to mention all exceptionally talented. The industry does not leave a lot to work with for musicians starting out and when you hit the big time it is still a struggle which is why the hook up tour is so important for the musicians, it's a big budget event but these kings of the hip hopping hierarchy put on a show like no other and all they use is their natural talent some microphones and a DJ spinning beats. Unbelievable. This puts all those concerts I've been to by overseas acts with multimillion dollar contracts, 16 piece band, back up dancer's, pyrotechnics and backing voice tracks to shame.

The boost mobile hook-up tour is a great initiative to get Kiwi hip hop music to the street and we should show appreciation, next time it comes through don't miss out it's a great live show and you wont be disappointed.

Some highlights of the show:

All the artists of the night were fantastic, I love Adeaze, they can serenade me any day with their two part harmonies and smouldering lyrics, makes me flushed just thinking about it, these guys are well worth seeing live ladies.
The fast crew, it was my first time seeing them live but HOT DAMN they are some entertaining guys and girl, musically a tight unit and they work the stage and crowd well, no wonder they have multiple hits on NZ charts!!
Dj Sirvere, before seeing him spin I didn't really know much about him, but the fact that he wore a chiefs jersey onstage makes me rate him, and the guy can really get a crowd amp'd and uses some great tracks to mix.
Savage and the deceptikons have a fantastic stage presence and ended the show with their always impressive lyrical styling and the help of some of the other artists at the end rocked the House. Great to watch.

Hit: Dei Hamo, the guy has charisma to burn on stage, his lyrics are hilarious, I'm not sure if I'm offended or infatuated though, which is a good thing. Dei Hamo is an artist that you need to catch over and over because he just keeps getting better.

Big Shout outs to the boys from Disruptive All Stars for the H.O.T.T hot Breaking Photos, and to Nancy at Blackout Entertainment for letting me take photos, Sweet!


Here's some of the awesome acts at this year's Hookup Tour!



Dei Hamo

DJ Sir Vere

Fast Crew

King Kapisi

Misfits Of Science


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