13 Jul 2024

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Art Will Save America
The Andy Gibson Project
This track is taken from Andy Gibson's debut album, 'Behind The I'
Download Now [Size: 4.17MB | 3:39 | 160kbps]
The Andy Gibson Project
a song written in the ocean... from 2002's "Side//A"
Download Now [Size: 3.38MB | 2:57 | 160kbps]
Recorded at Revolver Studios in New Zealand and at Metalworks in Toronto, Canada.
Download Now [Size: 5.96MB | 5:13 | 160kbps]
an ambient acoustic track demo
Download Now [Size: 4.21MB | 3:41 | 160kbps]
Please lead me
The Bedfords

Download Now [Size: 4.16MB | 4:33 | 128kbps]
Island Of Light
Ben Fulton

Download Now [Size: 2.32MB | 02:32 | 128kbps]
Stronger Than Love
Ben Fulton

Download Now [Size: 2.86MB | 03:07 | 128kbps]
Bevan Mical
Ma i’ll always love you I hope that that’s something you knew Ma I needed guidance Raised me as one of your own Brought up your family with Pa by your side You never expected another child to guide You took me in & gave me a life Picked up the mantle when mother had died Fed & you sheltered me Taught me what’s right Made sure that I never stayed out at night Sacrificed everything checked I was fine & yes I did listen just not at the time Ma we all miss you Those of us whose love was true We will remember The good years all ended too soon Now as we move on The loudmouths & stirrers are gone Ma I’ll always love you I hope that that’s something you knew
Download Now [Size: 3.95MB | 2:09 | 256kbps]
My Own Hell
Bevan Mical
(c) BMicalMusic 2023
Download Now [Size: 2.93MB | 3:12 | 128kbps]
Caroline Lynn
Traditional Spanish
Download Now [Size: 3.36MB | 2:56 | 160kbps]
Hot Little Planet

Download Now [Size: 4.42MB | 04:49 | 128kbps]
Charlotte Johansen

Download Now [Size: 3.65MB | 3:59 | 128kbps]
David Sutton
Written by David Sutton. All vocals by David Sutton.
Download Now [Size: 1.33MB | 0:09 | 320kbps]
Cheese (Three Different Ones)
David Sutton
Written by David Sutton. All vocals by David Sutton.
Download Now [Size: 1.76MB | 0:21 | 320kbps]
Rolling Over The Hills
David Sutton
Written by David Sutton. All instruments and vocals by David Sutton.
Download Now [Size: 7.21MB | 3:02 | 320kbps]
My Side
Henry Thomson
From the 2008 Broomfield EP with band 'Country Air'
Download Now [Size: 6.29MB | 4:35 | 192kbps]
A Place To Start (Demo)

Download Now [Size: 3.37MB | 2:56 | 160kbps]
Isle Park

Download Now [Size: 3.57MB | 3:54 | 128kbps]
Forever young
Jae Bedford

Download Now [Size: 4.7MB | 3:26 | 192kbps]
I love you more
Jae Bedford

Download Now [Size: 3.36MB | 3:39 | 128kbps]
In Time
Jason McIver Collective
Recorded at Trident Sound, Wellington, 2007 Released originally by 272 Records, Acoustika Compilation, 2007 Jason McIver - acoustic guitar, vocals Matt Gutteridge - electric guitar Ray ? - Bass
Download Now [Size: 4.83MB | 3:27 | 192kbps]
The Crystal Pool
Jason McIver Collective
recorded by Matthew Gutteridge and Zorran Mendonsa Mixed and Mastered by Zorran musicians: Jason McIver - vocals, electric/acoustic guitars Matthew Hill - Baritone acoustic and backing vocals Zorran Mendonsa - Bass, keys, shakers
Download Now [Size: 4.9MB | 4:12 | 160kbps]
Caramel and Blue
Jennifer Childs

Download Now [Size: 5.73MB | 6:15 | 128kbps]
Hurry Home
Jennifer Childs

Download Now [Size: 4.35MB | 4:45 | 128kbps]
Nobodys Song
Jennifer Childs

Download Now [Size: 5.11MB | 5:35 | 128kbps]
Little Green Alien (Demo)
Little Green Alien (Demo)
Download Now [Size: 2.42MB | 2:35 | 128kbps]
Fountain Of Fun unplugged (demo)
Kelvin Cummings

Download Now [Size: 0.29MB | 0:18 | 136kbps]
Old Blood (Live on Radio Southland)
Kieran Cooper
Old Blood live to air on Radio Southland December 2012
Download Now [Size: 4.64MB | 4:06 | 154kbps]
This Criminal World (Most FM)
Kieran Cooper
Previously unreleased song This Criminal World performed live to air on New Plymouths Most FM October 2012
Download Now [Size: 4.06MB | 3:30 | 158kbps]
Kimberley Smith
A song inspired by the death of my grandmother
Download Now [Size: 5.51MB | 4:49 | 160kbps]
Kimberley Smith
Beautiful, mellow song about losing and waiting for a loved one to return.. One of my favourites.
Download Now [Size: 5.14MB | 4:29 | 160kbps]
Following My Heart
Kimberley Smith
Still in draft form. But recorded with several tracks. Let me know what you think!
Download Now [Size: 3.63MB | 3:10 | 160kbps]
Waiting Around
Kimberley Smith

Download Now [Size: 3.82MB | 3:20 | 160kbps]
Shadows seem to creep
Dark acoustic track with orchestral background.
Download Now [Size: 6.59MB | 04:48 | 192kbps]
Goto sleep
Matt Bentley
Very very creepy odd song. About something or other. Have a listen-
Download Now [Size: 1.25MB | 1:22 | 128kbps]
Nameless. Senseless.
Matt Bentley
Ambient acoustical track, goes nowhere but somehow ends up, somewhere.
Download Now [Size: 2.1MB | 2:17 | 128kbps]
Nothing More
Nothing More acoustic demo
Download Now [Size: 4.66MB | 5:00 | 128kbps]
Forgotten but not gone
Miriam 'Mimz' Bedford

Download Now [Size: 4.06MB | 4:26 | 128kbps]

Download Now [Size: 3.04MB | 3:19 | 128kbps]
Colour the Stars
Can you hold this bottle for a while While we colour out the sky And we will read aloud for a little while Before we fall into the night & I will wander on my own Though I never should have left what I could have known & now I want to believe all that I hear Then I’ll move on another year Can you hold this bottle for a while While I dance among the stars We can scream aloud for a little while To cover up our scars & while I breath you’ll never be alone What we share is more than flesh and bone From the moment that you opened up your eyes I was standing there Now I’ll move on to another year.
Download Now [Size: 2.39MB | 2:37 | 128kbps]
Everything to Me

Download Now [Size: 7.44MB | 4:04 | 256kbps]
I’ll take your memory to a cemetery, bury you all alone And though we never said forever we’re together But we found ourselves alone So tomorrow drown our sorrows in, this fine wine we stole I’ll resign to what my eyes lied and said they wanted all along I’ll take any from the many just to remove it from us all And through design I’ll remind you to resign just to rewind what we saw If I’m granted all the answers then what is the point at all? To survive but realise that desire is the pride before the fall All these lights are blinding my eyes I swore I’d never let you go And our life in the rearview shines You went and left me high & dry Cause out life never made you smile I’m forgetting why Im buried in a lesson that I taught Remind me why I sided with the coward but confided in the strong I see reflections of obsession in the memory that I hold I found the favorite gift you gave me was denial Of the only thing I sought.
Download Now [Size: 3.14MB | 3:26 | 128kbps]
Little While

Download Now [Size: 5.42MB | 5:55 | 128kbps]
Road Doggz

Download Now [Size: 5.04MB | 3:40 | 192kbps]
Final resting place
Road Doggz

Download Now [Size: 6.93MB | 5:02 | 192kbps]
Kingsland Hill
Roger Marshall
Lockdown Kingsland 2020
Download Now [Size: 6.2MB | 4:31 | 192kbps]
So! we meet again
Roger Marshall
School reunion
Download Now [Size: 4.39MB | 3:12 | 192kbps]
Song bird
Roger Marshall
From Kingsland Hill album
Download Now [Size: 4.59MB | 3:21 | 192kbps]
Stepping on my shadow
Roger Marshall

Download Now [Size: 5.82MB | 4:14 | 192kbps]
Watching the world unwind
Roger Marshall

Download Now [Size: 4.22MB | 3:04 | 192kbps]
ENOUGH (LMA Loose Moorings Acoustic)
Roy Hudson
Download Now [Size: 6.08MB | 3:19 | 256kbps]
Roy Hudson
A Song written for a good friend who suffered from Depression xx
Download Now [Size: 6.72MB | 3:40 | 256kbps]
Intelligent Design
Ted Burga
Intelligent design is on my mind...its where there is one Sire and a pool of donors...
Download Now [Size: 6.95MB | 5:04 | 192kbps]
Majestic Holy
Beautiful acqoutic guitar and vocals at the start and end, ramping up into full on worship and declaration of Gods restorative nature written and sung by Tania Anderson
Download Now [Size: 3.82MB | 4:10 | 128kbps]
This Life, This Destiny
Drawing the soul and spirit into the hope of destiny this song wraps around you with life, written and sung by Tania Anderson.
Download Now [Size: 4.41MB | 4:49 | 128kbps]
Dusky Night
VanDam and Young Slanteyez
another spanish sounding song
Download Now [Size: 3.56MB | 3:53 | 128kbps]
Spanish Rain
VanDam and Young Slanteyez
A spanishy/brittanic song. Very Easy Listening.
Download Now [Size: 3.53MB | 3:51 | 128kbps]
The Wax Birds
Our most recent release, "Kansas" is a song about not ever truly feeling at home but being grateful for where you're at and what you have.
Download Now [Size: 4.99MB | 3:38 | 192kbps]

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