24 Oct 2021

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Anthony Coulter
This is the mp3 audio taken from the Audio CD Memories converted from WAV to mp3
Download Now [Size: 7.99MB | 3:29 | 320kbps]
Room for Change
Anthony Coulter
This is the mp3 audio taken from the Audio CD Memories converted from WAV to mp3
Download Now [Size: 10.33MB | 4:31 | 320kbps]
Superpower Smile
Anthony Coulter
This is the mp3 audio taken from the Audio CD Memories converted from WAV to mp3
Download Now [Size: 12.26MB | 5:22 | 320kbps]
The Point of No Return
Anthony Coulter
This is the mp3 audio taken from the Audio CD Memories converted from WAV to mp3
Download Now [Size: 10.34MB | 4:31 | 320kbps]
Goddess To Us All
Bevan Mical
Verse 1 Infatuation beckons we heed your every call True to love you hold the keys to each & every door We build our lives to find you Are Proud to take your hand But we disrespect & fight you to spend a weekend with the man This is for the women let me put it in a song Appreciation & respect you know man has got it wrong Chorus 1 Cry less my little lady Cry a little less my baby girl Cry less don’t cry anymore Head up high a goddess to us all Verse 2 Took the time to flourish with the system pressing down I’m still surprised you haven’t said “to hell with all ya now” Gave birth to everyone of us while man was being free Put up with our petty crap with a baby on each knee Your eyes can heal the world alone bring serenity & peace Take the reins we need your heart to put us all at ease Chorus 1 Repeat Chorus 2 No tears my little lady No more tears my baby girl No more tears i’ll wipe them dry This isn’t the time to cry Verse 3 Men you need to wise up you’re not a present to them all Keep your hands unto thyself or end up against the wall Let’s get back to worship all the women & the girls They make our lives so easy they’re the best part of this world My wife I love & care for couldn’t ask for nothing more Ignite the flame & pass the torch go conquer foreign shores Chorus 1 & 2 Repeat
Download Now [Size: 6.53MB | 3:34 | 256kbps]
Bevan Mical
Verse 1 I’ve already told you how my mother died young My father was absent from his 8 year old son His parents were mine let’s proceed without lies Trade all the distractions for a small glimpse of time Always sheltered clothed as a child alone I turned up the music to fill up my soul Chorus I have a story to tell you all After this chorus I’ll give you some more The sane & insane mixed with pleasure & pain Cold & the distant it’s all from my brain Verse 2 There once was a time when I stole from my Nan But I earned back respect as I worked out a plan Spent years in a flat with like minded friends Faced fears with courage changed the goal for the end Worked hard each moment of the everyday grind Kind & quite caring taking praise in my stride Chorus Repeat Verse 3 So my karmas been paid & i’m proud of my wife My continuing strength, love & support for all time I don’t want any problems but I won’t let things go So just keep me on side & i’ll go with the flow Bust mostly i’m happy & I love a blue sky Silence is golden … Chorus Repeat
Download Now [Size: 5.34MB | 2:55 | 256kbps]
The Song
Bevan Mical
The song Verse 1 The Singer starts singing after Exhausting The Muse Hear all emotion, inconvenient truth Each passing moment on the tips of a breeze The song keeps on going even after we leave Battle your feelings til you throw something on Soothing & calming or it just sets you off Chorus 1 The song lives on The song lives on The song lives on in me Each chord & phrase can save the day The song lives on in you Verse 2 Let out the anger while the world overflows Take out the evil with a few brilliant strokes Start off a love quest or end your own life My words are your words been that way for all time You've called for a savior, well sorry it's me Time to call out the things we've been too blinded to see Chorus 1 repeat Chorus 2 Through calm & storms The cold & warm The song goes on & on Never turn it down Can't shut it out The Song lives on in you Verse 3 Reveal all the struggles of the everyday kind Empty your demons, leave them trapped in your mind They can leave you so lonely & down without hope They can give you foundations to build on & grow These treasures are global so stop with your wars Grind up the ganja & listen some more Chorus 1 & 2 repeat
Download Now [Size: 6.01MB | 3:17 | 256kbps]
My Beauty (Go Team Beautiful)
Chess Countess
Soul-inflected piano and trumpet lines and a raspy hip-hop loop set the stage for a neo-political confrontation of idealistic portrayals of women in today’s media. 'My Beauty (Go Team Beautiful)’ rallies women to love the way they look and to quit comparing themselves to unrealistic media representations of beauty. Taken from the 'Who Is Chess Countess?' EP. Recorded, edited and mixed by Andrew Brereton. Artwork & design by David Brewerton. © Tamsyn Miller 2011
Download Now [Size: 9.32MB | 3:55 | 320kbps]
Holy rain
Chris Alderdice
Holy rain , written, recorded and produced by Chris Alderdice. This is a Christian pop song, reflecting upon the blessings of a life that is filled with the presence of Jesus Christ and his promised Holy Spirit. When experiencing Holy rain we find the love and presence of Jesus Christ in a challenging and difficult world. Acts 2 : 17 ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. 18 Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. 19 I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. 20 The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. 21 And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’
Download Now [Size: 2.94MB | 3:13 | 128kbps]
The Hallelujah Brothers
Demo quality. This is one of Gregs
Download Now [Size: 3.81MB | 4:06 | 128kbps]
rough demo for future (post Helpy) LP
Download Now [Size: 2.13MB | 02:19 | 128kbps]
northwards forthwith
this is the first single of dangerpin's 'albumen'
Download Now [Size: 3.02MB | 3:18 | 128kbps]
Sticks and Stones

Download Now [Size: 8.36MB | 4:34 | 256kbps]
I Bought You a Robot
The Friendly Barnacle

Download Now [Size: 4.31MB | 3:08 | 192kbps]
Old and Forlorn
The Friendly Barnacle

Download Now [Size: 4.56MB | 3:19 | 192kbps]
The First Step (feat. James Loan)
George Pham

Download Now [Size: 3MB | 3:16 | 128kbps]
Thinking Of You (Prod. Micco)
George Pham

Download Now [Size: 2.82MB | 3:05 | 128kbps]
Two Ways (Prod. Micco)
George Pham

Download Now [Size: 2.98MB | 3:16 | 128kbps]
Why Wait Then
The Greenmatics
First track from Emerald Green's promotional EP
Download Now [Size: 4.97MB | 03:37 | 192kbps]
sheltered life
The Gridlock Project
This is a track off the debut album from Gridlock.
Download Now [Size: 2.98MB | 3:14 | 128kbps]
Say It To My Face
James Loan
Say It To My Face by James Loan. Stream now on all platforms!
Download Now [Size: 2.93MB | 2:09 | 191kbps]
Freak in the club
Everybodies favourite pop song and anthem of 2005. Freak in the club love it or hate it. It's gonna stick in your head for weeks and weeks. Infact probably the rest of your life. The 'Freak in the club' video is available on you tube. As seen on C4 and Juice tv.
Download Now [Size: 4.5MB | 3:56 | 160kbps]
Spirit x
'Spirit x' is based on a true story of a family friend who was raped and murdered by gang members. Not a happy subject but a great song thats been getting loads of attention and thousands of downloads on www.garageband.com and a 5 star rating.Dedicated to Jodi. Rest in Peace you were a beautiful soul.
Download Now [Size: 5.95MB | 5:12 | 160kbps]
Don't Fall
Jennifer Childs

Download Now [Size: 3.63MB | 3:58 | 128kbps]
Red Lining
Jennifer Childs

Download Now [Size: 2.44MB | 2:40 | 128kbps]
Solitary Soul
Jennifer Childs

Download Now [Size: 5.3MB | 5:47 | 128kbps]
Jennifer Childs

Download Now [Size: 4.28MB | 4:41 | 128kbps]
Born With the Blues
Julie Lamb
Shan Jordan's discussion about the road to happy. Barmy Jarmies video link here: https://youtu.be/vZ5MUliT4rc
Download Now [Size: 4.09MB | 4:28 | 128kbps]
Thunder Face
Julie Lamb
A story about the person in your life who can cloud a room with their displeasure!
Download Now [Size: 3.68MB | 4:01 | 128kbps]
Kane Griffin
A catchy little song about my Dads new house! This song is receiving radio play in Australia.
Download Now [Size: 3.09MB | 03:22 | 128kbps]
Fountain Of Fun
Kelvin Cummings

Download Now [Size: 4.35MB | 4:28 | 136kbps]
Fountain Of Fun (demo)
Kelvin Cummings

Download Now [Size: 0.32MB | 0:20 | 136kbps]
I Want You To Be Happy
Kelvin Cummings

Download Now [Size: 4.53MB | 4:39 | 136kbps]
I Want You To Be Happy (demo)
Kelvin Cummings

Download Now [Size: 0.4MB | 0:25 | 136kbps]
Larry Killip
Cruisy Pop - see the vid at my homepage
Download Now [Size: 5.5MB | 4:00 | 192kbps]
Goin' South
Laurence Cooper
A sort of Hendrixy/bluesy song about travelling and getting away.
Download Now [Size: 3.49MB | 3:49 | 128kbps]
In From The Outside
Laurence Cooper
This is a song I wrote after seeing the movie Backbeat which was about the early Beatles in Hamburg. At the time they really had no idea how big they were going to become.
Download Now [Size: 3.4MB | 3:43 | 128kbps]
Kiss My Smile
Laurence Cooper

Download Now [Size: 3.14MB | 3:26 | 128kbps]
Laurence Cooper
A song about people who disappear when you least expect it :)
Download Now [Size: 4.7MB | 5:08 | 128kbps]
Sailing By
Laurence Cooper

Download Now [Size: 3.66MB | 4:00 | 128kbps]
Licy Be
Dreamer is a catchy pop/rap song by local kiwi artist Licy Be & Compton/California rapper Arealist
Download Now [Size: 4.9MB | 3:05 | 160kbps]
Your Love
Licy Be

Download Now [Size: 10.03MB | 4:23 | 320kbps]
Silent Tears
Lucie Hill
Silent Tears is the debut single from Little Lapin. Recorded and Produced by Ben King and Mastered at York Street Studios.
Download Now [Size: 4.32MB | 4:43 | 128kbps]

Download Now [Size: 12.7MB | 5:33 | 320kbps]
(Won't Live in Fear of ) Things to Come
Michelle Klaessens aka Dragonorchid
My theme song! Haha ;-)
Download Now [Size: 4.34MB | 04:44 | 128kbps]
Sometimes by Michelle McGivern (dragonorchid)
Michelle Klaessens aka Dragonorchid
This song is particularly close to my heart. It has even a heart beat right through the entire song :-) Written when i was in one of those pensive, yet hopefull moods. That's me, always the optimist!
Download Now [Size: 5.18MB | 05:39 | 128kbps]
A Full Moon Melody (feat. Gala)
Miller Yule
A love song. A beautiful duet. Miller featuring Gala.
Download Now [Size: 9.44MB | 4:07 | 320kbps]
Just Smile
Miller Yule
Sometimes someone else's smile makes everything okay. Sometimes you smile to hide what you are really feeling...
Download Now [Size: 9.97MB | 4:21 | 320kbps]
Little Things
Miller Yule
A little song about little things.
Download Now [Size: 7.01MB | 3:04 | 320kbps]
See You 'Round
Miller Yule
We will all see each other at the very end of it all. "See you 'round"
Download Now [Size: 9.67MB | 4:14 | 320kbps]
Shoot Me In The Heart
Miller Yule
"What if I told you there ain't no fiery Hell beneath us? And Heaven's just blue sky?
Download Now [Size: 9.31MB | 4:04 | 320kbps]
Ravenhall - Straight Up
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/track/6sMSV6dtHJeKzgiaN5brDT INSTAGRAM: @Ravenhallband FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Ravenhallband Recorded with Jeremy Redmore (Midnight Youth) & Hayden Taylor (York St Head Engineer) on Aucklands North Shore, Ravenhall have produced a fresh new sound intertwining the best elements of acoustic folk with pop melodies. Following the recording session undertaken at Studio by the City in Birkenhead, Ravenhall sought out Jamie McKenzie and his team of expert story tellers and film makers at Pure Productions to help encapsulate their music on screen. Jamie expertly crafted the story and captured it beautifully in the Waitakere ranges at KareKare falls & beach.
Download Now [Size: 8.75MB | 3:49 | 320kbps]

Download Now [Size: 3.14MB | 1:43 | 256kbps]
Drop The Watch

Download Now [Size: 9.32MB | 5:05 | 256kbps]
Milk and Sugar

Download Now [Size: 7.43MB | 4:03 | 256kbps]
Sophie Moleta
Te-Atawhai single from the 2006 EP with this as the title track. Funded by NZONAIR.
Download Now [Size: 1.87MB | 2:02 | 128kbps]
The Weekend Song
The Tom Bosley Experience
Our perfect three minute pop song. All chorus, all the time. The Weekend Song. We sing it ourselves when the weekend's coming up, and we wrote the damn thing. What more can we say?
Download Now [Size: 2.7MB | 02:56 | 128kbps]
The Weekend Song (New Version)
The Tom Bosley Experience
A new version of our end-of-the-working-week pop anthem, now featuring vocals from Dunedin singer Kelly.
Download Now [Size: 3.19MB | 03:29 | 128kbps]
Dream (demo)
Tony Barnao

Download Now [Size: 4.32MB | 3:09 | 192kbps]
Show You How
Zakk d'Larté
The first single released by Zakk d'Larté, on 09 November 2011.
Download Now [Size: 9.13MB | 3:46 | 320kbps]

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Bevan Mical
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