30 Jul 2021

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Hip Hop/R&B/Rap

We Don't Quit
A Cut & Paste Project

Download Now [Size: 4.6MB | 3:19 | 192kbps]
A Cut & Paste Project
Download the entire EP for free from: www.500REC-14.com/500REC-25.html
Download Now [Size: 4.93MB | 3:33 | 192kbps]
Attitude .
B Jizl Yo

Download Now [Size: 7.38MB | 5:22 | 192kbps]
Criminal Justice
Eerie song created by me
Download Now [Size: 2.06MB | 1:48 | 160kbps]
Penny Pinching
From the debut Cyphanetik album "Commercial Suicide" in stores October 2nd, 2006
Download Now [Size: 4.26MB | 3:06 | 192kbps]
When I grow up
A train of thought flow about feeling the pressure of growing up, looking at life and wondering who you will become
Download Now [Size: 9.36MB | 4:05 | 320kbps]
Calm Before The Storm
Intro By New York Heavy Hitter Q-Unique - Genocide On the Verses - Dave Lad on the Scratches - PD Productions on the Beat = A Hip Hop Gem!
Download Now [Size: 4.57MB | 3:59 | 160kbps]
Saints and Sinners
From the UpComing Genocide CD "The Psy-Op Mixtape"
Download Now [Size: 6.56MB | 3:35 | 256kbps]
Gutter Shit
Grimey, space deep, bit crusher, low end buzz single from the album "GRIND HUSTLE", check it out if you can be bothered.
Download Now [Size: 5.92MB | 4:18 | 192kbps]
Kool Rider

Download Now [Size: 4.35MB | 3:10 | 192kbps]
Home Brew

Download Now [Size: 8.52MB | 6:10 | 192kbps]
Same Old Day
Home Brew

Download Now [Size: 6.63MB | 4:49 | 192kbps]
Bender (the long weekend)
Produced by IllEvilHater Guitars by IllEvilHater Lyrics by IllEvilHater All Rights Reserved Voodoo Creation Records 2012
Download Now [Size: 7.02MB | 3:04 | 320kbps]
Raining & Pouring
Produced by IllEvilHater Lyrics by IllEvilHater All Rights Reserved Voodoo Creation Records 2011
Download Now [Size: 9.81MB | 4:17 | 320kbps]
Rise Up

Download Now [Size: 7.46MB | 3:16 | 320kbps]
Scientific Drug Abuse
Produced by Poison Emboss Lyrics by IllEvilHater All Rights Reserved Voodoo Creation Records 2012
Download Now [Size: 9.65MB | 4:13 | 320kbps]
James Loan
Caught by James Loan. Stream now on all platforms!
Download Now [Size: 3.21MB | 2:32 | 178kbps]
The Response
James Loan
The Response by James Loan
Download Now [Size: 3.68MB | 2:44 | 188kbps]
Like a virus
Haberdash Rap/Alternative styles. Collaboration with Alt rapper The Robba. Request the video on Alt tv C4 and Juice. Or google like a virus to see the video.
Download Now [Size: 4.16MB | 3:38 | 160kbps]
Long White Cloud
This is a straight up Hip Hop track about nucleaur warfare and the end of the world. Here is what Andrew Fagan from Kiwi thought of Long white cloud. "Been playing Long White Cloud' in the new song slot for a couple of weeks. It sounds great and quite arresting. Lyrics wise and catchy as! Aoooow Long white cloud" "Its going into high rotate category next week" Andrew Fagan Kiwi FM
Download Now [Size: 4.09MB | 3:34 | 160kbps]
Radio Song
Radio song is one of the first songs we ever recorded. Back then we were called 'JCK and The Dirty Ho Bags' With Lou Ludbrook Anji Sami and Kat Theo dancing and singing their hearts out and basically being silly and taking the piss.
Download Now [Size: 2.78MB | 03:01 | 128kbps]
Your Love Mr Boinkin remix
'Your love' as remixed by Mr Boinkin.
Download Now [Size: 3.67MB | 3:12 | 160kbps]
What I've Been Doing (Nothing)

Download Now [Size: 6.32MB | 3:27 | 256kbps]
Hip Hop Will Never Die

Download Now [Size: 9.13MB | 4:59 | 256kbps]
Rude & Abracious (Remix) feat. Pakkz, Konflikt & Tyna
remix to Kapabal's single "Rude & Abracious" available now at iTunes, Vodafone, Telecom & Amplifier.
Download Now [Size: 6.11MB | 4:27 | 192kbps]
Light My Spliff

Download Now [Size: 4.4MB | 3:12 | 192kbps]
Stop Trying

Download Now [Size: 4.33MB | 3:09 | 192kbps]
Family First
La Z
La Z - Family First www.dopeindustriesltd.com
Download Now [Size: 15.42MB | 6:44 | 320kbps]
Mind Body And Soul
La Z
La Z - Mind Body And Soul www.dopeindustriesltd.com
Download Now [Size: 6.81MB | 4:58 | 192kbps]
She Was Only 9
Licy Be
She Was Only 9 is a powerful and personal song about the struggles that hip hop artist Licy Be faced.
Download Now [Size: 6.75MB | 2:57 | 320kbps]
Let Me See Now
Michelle Rounds

Download Now [Size: 4.13MB | 3:36 | 160kbps]
You'll Find
Michelle Rounds
HYDRO beats and Japanese rap - Michelle Rounds lyrics and melody English 2006
Download Now [Size: 4.74MB | 4:09 | 160kbps]
Monty Willers
Everyone needs some closure.
Download Now [Size: 4.15MB | 3:38 | 160kbps]
Devil & The Angel
Monty Willers
She a bad girl with twi sides. Im always getting caught up in her pros and never see the cons.
Download Now [Size: 4.48MB | 3:55 | 160kbps]
Oh Lord
Monty Willers
for me there was no higher power,i was on my own and could'nt trust nobody
Download Now [Size: 2.99MB | 2:37 | 160kbps]
Monty Willers
Tightrope for me was a song about forfilling my natural high with drugs and always being on the edge. in the end they would'nt catch me if i fell.
Download Now [Size: 4.48MB | 3:55 | 160kbps]
from oaky's 2020 album JOAKY you can cop the album for $1 at oaky's bandcamp
Download Now [Size: 7.34MB | 3:12 | 320kbps]

Download Now [Size: 3.91MB | 1:42 | 320kbps]

Download Now [Size: 9.95MB | 4:21 | 320kbps]
Sinergen Drug - 'Hungry Ninespine'
Others Requiem

Download Now [Size: 5.95MB | 5:12 | 160kbps]
The Others - 'Idiot Box'
Others Requiem

Download Now [Size: 5.15MB | 4:30 | 160kbps]
Pure Love
Pacific Underground
Pure Love by Tanya Muagututi'a and Traveler (Nathan Chalmers) featuring Antsman (Anton Carter) and Shimpal Lelisi Produced by Pos Mavaega. Guitars - Pos Mavaega Bass - Pos Mavaega Drums - Chris Searle Keyboards - Tanya Muagututi'a Opening intro - Shimpal Lelisi Words - Antsman (Anton Carter) Vocals - Tanya Muagututi'a and Nathan Chalmers Lyrics - Tanya Muagututi'a Arrangement - Pos Mavaega and Tanya Muagututi'a Written and performed for Oscar Kightley and Erolia Ifopo's comedy "Romeo and Tusi". Sang on stage by Joy Vaele and Dallas Tamaira, as well as Craig Chalmers and Tuari Dawson in the 2000, and 2001 seasons.
Download Now [Size: 5.52MB | 06:01 | 128kbps]
Can't buy time
Track #09 on the Razorbove The Clouds LP.
Download Now [Size: 4.65MB | 4:59 | 128kbps]
Bling King
The Robba
Download Now [Size: 5.83MB | 3:11 | 256kbps]
Destiny freefalling
Souljahz Of Sound
Miss Dee ft tamehana
Download Now [Size: 4.81MB | 3:30 | 192kbps]
More Than L.o.v.e
Souljahz Of Sound

Download Now [Size: 2.78MB | 3:02 | 128kbps]
Ride With The Famz
Souljahz Of Sound

Download Now [Size: 2.78MB | 3:02 | 128kbps]
Street Symphony
Souljahz Of Sound

Download Now [Size: 2.78MB | 3:02 | 128kbps]
The Revolution
Souljahz Of Sound

Download Now [Size: 2.78MB | 3:02 | 128kbps]
thug luv letters
Souljahz Of Sound
dee and a.zee
Download Now [Size: 6.87MB | 5:00 | 192kbps]
Who You Gone Turn 2
Souljahz Of Sound

Download Now [Size: 2.78MB | 3:02 | 128kbps]
Raw Hippo
Sound of Amsa
hip hop, underground, turntablism, scratching, raw, beats, instrumental
Download Now [Size: 6.97MB | 3:03 | 320kbps]
01 Intro
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 1.76MB | 1:32 | 160kbps]
02 Park Bench
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 4.49MB | 3:55 | 160kbps]
03 Spell on you
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 3.93MB | 3:26 | 160kbps]
04 Little Boy Lost
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 4.63MB | 4:03 | 160kbps]
05 Reminisce
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 4.08MB | 3:34 | 160kbps]
06 Got a Girl
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 4.77MB | 4:10 | 160kbps]
07 Born in 82
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 5.41MB | 4:44 | 160kbps]
08 Old Life
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 5.19MB | 4:32 | 160kbps]
09 Get'em High
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 4.19MB | 3:40 | 160kbps]
10 Outro
Suspect 5

Download Now [Size: 2.82MB | 2:28 | 160kbps]
Menile (demo)
Tony Barnao

Download Now [Size: 3.03MB | 3:18 | 128kbps]
Wave (demo)
Tony Barnao

Download Now [Size: 3.2MB | 3:30 | 128kbps]
Broke az fuck
VanDam and Young Slanteyez
we're broke az F*#k
Download Now [Size: 2.98MB | 3:43 | 112kbps]

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