6 Jul 2022

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Drifter - LIVE
Bellebird & The Handsome Gypsies

Download Now [Size: 3.82MB | 4:11 | 128kbps]
Crow Song
Bond Street Bridge

Download Now [Size: 5.78MB | 4:13 | 192kbps]
The Love & The Loss
The Broadsides

Download Now [Size: 3.65MB | 3:28 | 128kbps]
Blown Up Heart
Calico Brothers
God Left Town EP 2008
Download Now [Size: 3.19MB | 3:29 | 128kbps]
God Left Town
Calico Brothers
Title track from EP released 2008
Download Now [Size: 4.17MB | 4:33 | 128kbps]
Got to get on getting over you
Calico Brothers

Download Now [Size: 3.19MB | 3:29 | 128kbps]
Tell it to the Sun
Calico Brothers
Title track from the album released 2009
Download Now [Size: 3.47MB | 3:47 | 128kbps]
Tread Carefully
Calico Brothers
Album: Tell it to the Sun 2009
Download Now [Size: 3.16MB | 3:27 | 128kbps]
Git Along Little Dogies

Download Now [Size: 10.62MB | 4:38 | 320kbps]
Shoot Me In The Head
Charlie Bones
Music and lyrics copyright 2007 J. Sampson.
Download Now [Size: 3.09MB | 3:23 | 128kbps]
Thank You and Fuck You
Charlie Bones
Music copyright 2007 J. Sampson, A. Gosney and A. Humphreys
Download Now [Size: 4.27MB | 4:40 | 128kbps]
Bound For Glory
David Sutton
Written by David Sutton and Keith Webber. All instruments and vocals by David Sutton.
Download Now [Size: 9.06MB | 3:01 | 320kbps]
Summer's Daughter
David Sutton
Written by David Sutton. All instruments and vocals by David Sutton.
Download Now [Size: 6.27MB | 2:37 | 320kbps]
New Year's Eve (Give Me Something Good)
Eden Iris
New Year’s Eve (Give Me Something Good) is the latest single from Eden Iris. Drawing from her folk-roots and love of stringed instruments such as the banjo and the cello, Eden weaves these timeless instruments into a contemporary setting with a heart-wrenching and infectious hook. The song tells a bittersweet story of a relationship on the rocks on New Year’s Eve. “New Year’s Eve (Give Me Something Good) is something like a bittersweet plea to a lover - or perhaps to time itself. On a night where there are certain expectations and pressures (to go wild and bring in the new year in with a BANG, to have someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight) this year, like everything else - the event will be staggeringly different for many of us. But a part of me is sure that with this year’s more modest celebrations, where we will have virtual parties in our quiet houses, and faces may be lit up by candles more than fireworks - we will bring in 2021 with sincere hope, prayers, and gratitude. Because we care about each other, and we simply need each other. If you’ve ever had a lonely New Year’s Eve, or if you’re dreading it this year, I hope you relate to this song.” - Eden Iris
Download Now [Size: 3.88MB | 4:14 | 128kbps]
Anachie Gordon
Forbidden Joe

Download Now [Size: 4.76MB | 5:12 | 128kbps]
Bozer Girls
Forbidden Joe

Download Now [Size: 2.57MB | 2:49 | 128kbps]
Chez le Galle
Forbidden Joe
Dunmore Lasses
Download Now [Size: 4.16MB | 4:33 | 128kbps]
Ronde de Loudeac
Forbidden Joe
Bulgarian Tune
Download Now [Size: 3.6MB | 3:56 | 128kbps]
Henry Thomson
From the 2008 Broomfield EP with band 'Country Air'
Download Now [Size: 4.47MB | 3:15 | 192kbps]
Dead man walking
Jae Bedford

Download Now [Size: 1.67MB | 3:25 | 67kbps]
Fall at your feet
Jae Bedford

Download Now [Size: 4.65MB | 5:05 | 128kbps]
For a moment
Jae Bedford

Download Now [Size: 1.75MB | 2:58 | 74kbps]
Summer Christmas Ft Ethan Downing
Jae Bedford

Download Now [Size: 2.85MB | 3:07 | 128kbps]
Wrestling for my life
Jae Bedford

Download Now [Size: 1.85MB | 3:14 | 72kbps]
West Texas Highway
John Egenes
A song for songwriters who spend their lives on the road.
Download Now [Size: 5MB | 5:28 | 128kbps]
So Slow
Jonny Corker
A beautifully melodic sad tune with slide guitar.
Download Now [Size: 2.94MB | 2:34 | 160kbps]
For You (falling so hard)

Download Now [Size: 8.51MB | 3:43 | 320kbps]
Desperate & Vital (DEMO)
Kieran Cooper
The first demo recording of a song I wrote in under an hour on Tuesday 20th August 2013 Lyrics: You've become a magnet to the iron in my blood You're pulling me closer I crave the things that I can never have So can anyone ever really have you? I feel desperate & vital So gracefully primal And I know I'm alive, so come with me I'm just out walking in the rain Could there be something that you want to say? Let your eyes say it better anyway Could you be desperate & vital? So gracefully primal Could there be something that you want to say? Let your eyes say it better anyway Could you be desperate & vital? So gracefully primal Released 20 August 2013 Kieran Cooper - Writer/Composer, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Recording
Download Now [Size: 2.98MB | 3:15 | 128kbps]
Holed Up In Karamea (Bushband demo 2017)
The final track from Kokomo's 30 year retrospective album of rarities, alternative mixes and demos, this is the stripped-back acoustic demo for the song which eventually appeared (very differently) on 2019's Sunset Claws album.
Download Now [Size: 9.1MB | 3:59 | 320kbps]
Towers of Stone
Midnight Kitchen
Recorded 2008, Invercargill
Download Now [Size: 4.38MB | 3:49 | 160kbps]
Crazy World
Olly Knox

Download Now [Size: 6.65MB | 5:49 | 160kbps]
Olly Knox

Download Now [Size: 10.27MB | 4:29 | 320kbps]
The River
Olly Knox

Download Now [Size: 4.31MB | 3:46 | 160kbps]
Little Darling
Paper Cranes

Download Now [Size: 7.88MB | 3:23 | 320kbps]
After the lovers
Roger Marshall

Download Now [Size: 4.79MB | 3:29 | 192kbps]
Be on your way
Roger Marshall

Download Now [Size: 5.17MB | 3:46 | 192kbps]
Enemy Lines
Roger Marshall
Eastern Europe 1980s
Download Now [Size: 4.81MB | 3:30 | 192kbps]
Roger Marshall
Advertising industry
Download Now [Size: 5.37MB | 3:55 | 192kbps]
Let it lie
Roger Marshall
A stab at the fossil Fuel industry
Download Now [Size: 5.47MB | 3:59 | 192kbps]
Rosy Tin Teacaddy
First single off the new album The Homeward Stretch .
Download Now [Size: 3.24MB | 3:27 | 128kbps]
3 Beers to Mexico
Shane Warner
“3 Beers to Mexico” has a TexMex flavor, and is about a guy thinking back to the good times that he had in Mexico.
Download Now [Size: 0.27MB | 00:18 | 128kbps]
Shane Warner

Download Now [Size: 0.58MB | 00:38 | 128kbps]
What's Your Name
Shane Warner
A song about the effect of Alzheimer's disease
Download Now [Size: 0.29MB | 00:19 | 128kbps]
Calling On My Harvest
Prophetic song over New Zealand written and sung by Tania Anderson
Download Now [Size: 3.05MB | 3:20 | 128kbps]

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Roger Marshall
Enemy Lines
Roger Marshall
After the lovers
Roger Marshall
Be on your way
Roger Marshall
Let it lie
Roger Marshall

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