4 Jun 2023

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Out In The Park
Allan Kilgour
Out in the park is a featured track from Allan's upcoming album, Overdrive, to be released early 2013.
Download Now [Size: 3.33MB | 3:38 | 128kbps]
Everything is Everywhere
The Broadsides
Confusion...lost your keys!
Download Now [Size: 3.33MB | 3:08 | 128kbps]
Harder To Smile
Charlie Bones
Music and lyrics copyright 2007 J. Sampson
Download Now [Size: 4.79MB | 5:14 | 128kbps]
I Don't Know Your Name
Charlie Bones
Music and lyrics copyright 2007 J. Sampson.
Download Now [Size: 4.14MB | 4:31 | 128kbps]
Shake It Baby!
Cinnamon Girls
Motown meets Rock meets Blues meets Grunge.
Download Now [Size: 3.69MB | 4:02 | 128kbps]
Evolution Blues
David Sutton
Written by David Sutton. Joseph Sutton: Drums and Keyboard. James Sutton: Violin. All other instruments and all vocals by David Sutton.
Download Now [Size: 11.87MB | 5:07 | 320kbps]
Hot Summer Night
David Sutton
Written by David Sutton. Joseph Sutton: Keyboard. All other instruments and all vocals by David Sutton.
Download Now [Size: 12.33MB | 5:19 | 320kbps]
At Taks
Matt had told us about this young keyboard player with serious chops, when he finally sorted the bridge we laid this down with Black Gold and Bridal. Love, this track was a "hang on for the ride" type tune.
Download Now [Size: 9.74MB | 07:05 | 192kbps]
Happiness Says
Track off the Hind Legs album.
Download Now [Size: 1.64MB | 1:48 | 128kbps]
Lucky Strike Jim
Track off the Hind Legs album.
Download Now [Size: 3.48MB | 3:48 | 128kbps]
Make It Go Round
This number is a real live favourite, recording it was less so, I think we got there in the end. Michael Russell's first studio excursion with us, he's on Flugelhorn.
Download Now [Size: 7.13MB | 05:11 | 192kbps]
Not Of Stone
Older, acoustic number from Tim. Valve amp brings out the best of the slide guitar and vindicates Tony's belief in the track from the start.
Download Now [Size: 4.13MB | 03:00 | 192kbps]
A Sense Of Home - George Pham
George Pham

Download Now [Size: 2.23MB | 2:26 | 128kbps]
The Way It Was - George Pham
George Pham

Download Now [Size: 2.42MB | 2:39 | 128kbps]
Help Me
The Jukes

Download Now [Size: 7.34MB | 8:01 | 128kbps]
I Ain't Superstitious
The Jukes

Download Now [Size: 4.99MB | 5:27 | 128kbps]
Call On You
Kane Griffin
A solo worship song, written in 2008, this is the first demo of the song.
Download Now [Size: 4.73MB | 3:27 | 192kbps]
Can You Hear Me?
Kane Griffin
A bluesy/pop song from Jesus' point of view asking if we can hear Him and telling us that He loves us.
Download Now [Size: 3.1MB | 03:23 | 128kbps]
Lord Send Me
Kane Griffin
I wrote this from a verse in the bible...
Download Now [Size: 5.52MB | 04:01 | 192kbps]
Salsa Night
Kane Griffin
This is a salsa style song, about the night of Jesus' birth. The idea for this was from the christmas carol "Silent night".
Download Now [Size: 3.07MB | 03:21 | 128kbps]
Born To Bad Luck
A little country blues from the 2022 album, Workhorse
Download Now [Size: 8.14MB | 3:33 | 320kbps]
GB Boogie (alt mix 1996)
The earliest track on Kokomo's new 30 year retrospective of alternative mixes, rarities and demos. This particular mix features a Hammond organ not on the "official" track from 1996's Little heroes album.
Download Now [Size: 8.73MB | 3:49 | 320kbps]
Workhorse Blues
Title track from the 2022 Workhorse album, written by Derek Jacombs, featuring guitar from Kokomo's newest member, Santiago Rabagliati.
Download Now [Size: 9.17MB | 4:00 | 320kbps]
Black Night
Laurence Cooper
This is a demo only but you're welcome to download it if you want. An original blues track with me and Leona of The Red.
Download Now [Size: 3.66MB | 4:00 | 128kbps]
Checkin' Up On My Baby
The Lazy Boys
Sonny Boy Williamson
Download Now [Size: 2.43MB | 02:39 | 128kbps]
The Lazy Boys
Howlin' Wolf
Download Now [Size: 2.81MB | 03:04 | 128kbps]
I Can't Hold Out
The Lazy Boys
Elmore James
Download Now [Size: 2.58MB | 02:49 | 128kbps]
Somebody Else
The Lazy Boys
Fred Wolff Combo
Download Now [Size: 1.48MB | 01:37 | 128kbps]
You Oughta Run
Luigi Cappel
One hand's got a bourbon and the other's got a gun I'm looking for some trouble, somebody's time has come If it's you that's lying in my bed You Oughta Run
Download Now [Size: 6.3MB | 4:35 | 192kbps]
Any other summer ( Lovin me instead) live
Road Doggz

Download Now [Size: 2.9MB | 3:08 | 128kbps]
Something to do
Roger Marshall

Download Now [Size: 4.96MB | 3:37 | 192kbps]
Roy Hudson
Download Now [Size: 3.66MB | 3:59 | 128kbps]
I'll Eat My Hat
Ruby Fusion

Download Now [Size: 2.51MB | 2:45 | 128kbps]
Poor Blue
Ruby Fusion
Track off the album Disciplinary Hearings.
Download Now [Size: 3.74MB | 4:05 | 128kbps]
Too Much Of A Chore
Ruby Fusion
Track off the album Disciplinary Hearings.
Download Now [Size: 3.69MB | 4:02 | 128kbps]
Pick me up

Download Now [Size: 13.07MB | 5:42 | 320kbps]

Download Now [Size: 10.42MB | 4:33 | 320kbps]
The Fuel

Download Now [Size: 9.73MB | 4:15 | 320kbps]
Ted Burga
acoustic blues
Download Now [Size: 2.01MB | 1:28 | 192kbps]
Cashel & High
Ted Burga
Street talkin'
Download Now [Size: 4.68MB | 3:25 | 192kbps]
Your Name Is Blessed
This Jazz/Swing feel gets yours feet tapping and your heart singing and full of celebration with the energy of how great God is and how powerful is His name! Written and sung by Tania Anderson.
Download Now [Size: 3.52MB | 3:51 | 128kbps]

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