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Muzic.net.nz - What we do for Musicians and Bands
Posted: Wed Feb 6, 2008 12:55 pm
News Articles - Gigs, Tours and New Releases
Creating Press Releases

If you provide a press release with an image, we'll add it to our news pages.
Links will also be added to our social media networks (Facebook, Twitter).

If you don't have a press release, we can point you in the direction of some great PR people, however you can expect it to cost around $250.

We can also provide feedback for any press releases you have created yourself.

Tour Features
Self-Promoting Gigs and Tours

With a press release and poster, we can also create a tour feature. Tour features are displayed on the front and gig guide pages of Muzic.net.nz, and have the advantage of always staying in view, whereas news articles will move off the page over time.

Links will also be added to our social media pages, and in every monthly newsletter up until to the end of the tour.



For us to review your gigs, you'll need to place the relevant reviewer names on the door list. Offering a +1 pass is optional.

New Releases:

We can review all albums and EPs and some singles*.
For these reviews, you'll need to send through a link to download or stream the release. Alternatively, Lisa can provide you with a postal address to send a physical copy to.

Reviews and photos are added to your artist page and to our Articles page.

Links will also be added to our social media pages.

* We will review 1-3 singles / upcoming album or EP, dependent on the number of tracks on the album/EP and what the release date of the album/EP is. This is to ensure we have still plenty to write about when reviewing the album/EP.


For us to photograph your gigs, you'll need to place the relevant photographer names on the door list. Offering a +1 pass is optional.
Our photographers will adhere to any requirements placed on them (for example; first three songs, no flash), however if they believe using non-direct flash will provide better quality images they will seek your permission prior to doing so.

Photos are added to your artist page and to our Gallery page.

Links will also be added to our social media pages.

Some of our photographers also shoot professional promo photos for a fee.


We can conduct interviews in-person, over the phone, email or Skype.

We also have a video interview series called Inside the Muzic, with most interviews taking place in the Auckland region.

If you would also like to be interviewed by other organisations, we can also provide you with other media contacts including Push Play TV and Stories in Sound. We can also provide you with the details for several podcasts and local radio stations.

Interviews are also added to your artist page and to our Articles page. Links will also be added to our social media pages.

Newsletter Feature

We have feature space available in all of our 2019 newsletters. Our 2019 newsletter dates can be viewed here.

Our newsletter is currently sent out to just over 9100 subscribing members, and as they subscribe to the newsletter they’re more likely to be interested in what you have to say.

We can send through more info about featuring in our newsletter if you’re interested.

Newsletter features are promoted on our social media pages.

Most newsletters will also feature a guest editorial. Please contact us if you are interested in writing a guest editorial for our newsletter.

Gig Guide Forum

We are currently in the process of creating a gig guide, which we anticipate will go live in the coming months. This gig guide will open up some more promo opportunities for any gigs and tours, and it will also include venue pages, which will detail specifics about each venue such as capacity, PA, backline etc. which will help you to find the venue which best suits your needs.

In the meantime, any gigs can be added to our gig guide forum.

Updating your Artist Page

To update your artist page, you need to be a member of Muzic.net.nz. It’s free to sign up.
Once you have signed up, let Lisa know what your member name is, and she will set up the access for you.

Once you have access, you’ll be able to update your artist page via your artist page or the Members Page when you are logged in. You will also be able to add mp3s and photo galleries.

There is no limit on the number of people who can have access to update a particular artist page. Anyone who has this access must be a current member of the band or have a close association with the band, such as a promoter or manager.

Becoming a Member


We can add a range of videos to playlists on our YouTube channel, including but not restricted to; promo videos for tours or releases and new release videos for singles. Any new videos added to our YouTube channel are also promoted through our other social media networks.

Our YouTube channel also had a range of other videos which you may find useful.


We are able to give away tickets, music and other merchandise through our Facebook Page. Prizes will either need to be posted direct to the winners, or names added to door lists.

Social Media Promo

We can utilise our popular social media networks to assist you with anything - from finding someone to design your cover art and publicising tours and releases, through to helping you to locate venues that best suit your needs and finding support acts.

Radio Airplay
Getting Airplay on NZ Radio

We can provide you with contacts for several local podcasts and radio stations, for you to send your completed albums and EPs to for extra airplay.

Information on the Music Industry

We have a huge range of documents in our FYI Forum which can help you to navigate the NZ music industry.

NZ Music Industry Collective

We also manage the NZ Music Industry Collective Facebook Page.


Marketing Tools to aid with Self-Promotion

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