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There My Dear - Dimmer - Top 40 Albums

New Zealand Artist: Dimmer

Dimmer was the name under which New Zealand musician Shayne P Carter (formerly of Straitjacket Fits, The DoubleHappys and Bored Games) recorded and played music from 1994. It began as an umbrella name for jam sessions and short-lived band line-ups, then home recordings, then an ensemble with various members and guests. This evolution led to more settled four-piece rock band (especially from 2006–10, when only the bassist changed). At least 41 musicians have been acknowledged as playing a part in Dimmer over 18 years, with Carter the only permanent fixture.

The last Dimmer recordings were made in 2009, with the band playing live shows through 2010. A short farewell tour announced the end of the band in 2012, and Carter began recording under his own name after that. Reformed and reformatted versions of Dimmer have occasionally played live shows, drawing on all four Dimmer albums, since 2018.
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There My Dear debuted in the Official New Zealand Top 40 Albums on 31 July 2006. It has been in the Top 40 Albums for seven weeks with a highest position of #7. There are five albums by Dimmer in the Top 40 Albums.

Chart placings for There My Dear:

Chart Date Chart Rank  
31 Jul 2006 Top 40 Albums 7
07 Aug 2006 Top 40 Albums 14
14 Aug 2006 Top 40 Albums 18
21 Aug 2006 Top 40 Albums 19
28 Aug 2006 Top 40 Albums 27
04 Sep 2006 Top 40 Albums 39
11 Sep 2006 Top 40 Albums 35

Chart placings by Dimmer:

Title Type Debut Weeks Best
Degrees Of Existence Top 40 Albums 03 Aug 2009 4 18
I Believe You Are A Star Top 40 Albums 03 Jun 2001 7 13
Live At The Hollywood Top 40 Albums 06 Nov 2023 1 30
There My Dear Top 40 Albums 31 Jul 2006 7 7
You've Got To Hear The Music Top 40 Albums 21 Mar 2004 5 19
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