29 May 2024

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Thomas Oliver - Top 40 Albums

New Zealand Artist: Thomas Oliver

Thomas Oliver represents the openness of the mind and the heart, both as a musician and as a human. He touches people's lives in all corners of the globe as he draws a connection between various forms of music that could otherwise be considered polar opposites, and he invites people into an artistic perspective which is entirely unique. His warm demeanour and story-telling on stage are as much a part of his musical identity as his unmistakable falsetto-singing range or his world-renowned touch on the lap-slide guitar, or his celebrated vocal contributions to the genre of Drum & Bass music. Thomas Oliver is the epitome of the term, “one-of-a-kind”.

Produced in Berlin and released on March 6th, 2020, full-length album, The Brightest Light, is a colourful and dynamic journey through Soul, Roots, RnB and Folk, and Oliver's distinctive perspective on the world around him. The first single (released in October), Bulgarian Mountains, has captured the hearts of many, including the millions of Bulgarians who have seen any of the numerous pieces across the biggest television stations in the country, telling Thomas's story and the story behind the song, inspired by a chance meeting with a Bulgarian girl in Amsterdam named Martina.
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Thomas Oliver first debuted in the Official New Zealand Top 40 Albums on 30 August 2013 with the album Beneath The Weissenborn. There are two entries by Thomas Oliver in the charts.

Chart placings by Thomas Oliver:

Title Type Debut Weeks Best
Beneath The Weissenborn Top 40 Albums 30 Aug 2013 1 22
Floating In The Darkness Top 40 Albums 08 May 2017 1 11

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