14 Aug 2020

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Elemeno P - Top 40 Albums

New Zealand Artist: Elemeno P

Pop music: an expression of the current consciousness of what’s happening. An onomatopoetic description for sure, a boom, a bang that jolts and shakes things around, it can shift and change into many forms, its chameleon nature becomes seductive. Phil Spector called the stuff he did "little symphonies", encapsulated stories about life that has just as much resonance as the high brow classical form he borrowed from. Pop music is the sound of the actual, all the little details of how we live our lives, the soundtrack to our reality.

Elemeno P make pop music that bangs, guitar power pop with big choruses that is an invitation to a party next to a pool with lots of girlies, where the summer is endless and school or work is but a distant memory. Choice.
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Elemeno P first debuted in the Radioscope NZ Music Airplay Top 10 on 17 March 2002 with the song Fast Times In Tahoe. There are 13 entries by Elemeno P in the charts with one reaching Number One.

Chart placings by Elemeno P:

Title Type Debut Weeks Best
11:57 Top 40 Singles 15 Aug 2005 14 10
Baby Come On Top 40 Singles 18 Feb 2008 13 13
Burn Top 40 Singles 12 Dec 2005 6 36
Elemeno P Top 40 Albums 02 Jun 2008 13 3
Fast Times In Tahoe Top 40 Singles 07 Apr 2002 3 32
Love And Disrespect Top 40 Albums 20 Jul 2003 39 1
Trouble In Paradise Top 40 Albums 31 Oct 2005 12 2
Trouble In Paradise: Special Edition Top 40 Albums 24 Jul 2006 3 25
Urban Getaway Top 40 Singles 09 Nov 2003 14 27
Verona Top 40 Singles 20 Jul 2003 17 10
You Are Top 40 Singles 03 Apr 2006 2 35
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