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Band & Musician News - Tiki Taane & Paw Justice

Tiki Taane & Paw Justice

13 September 2013 - 0 Comments

Friday September the 13th Tiki Taane and Paw Justice take a stand against dog fighting by releasing a brand new track titled Enough Is Enough.

Enough Is Enough will be available digitally from September 12: 


All proceeds from the new song will go to Paw Justice and their mission to stop the terrible abuse inflicted on dogs through dog fighting, this includes rehoming rescue dogs, rehabilitation of abused dogs, emergency surgery, the prosecution fund, reward money and raising awareness.
Tiki Taane has joined forces with Paw Justice to release a new single, Enough Is Enough, in a courageous bid to expose and eradicate New Zealand’s most covert yet most gruesome animal abuse crimes, Dog Fighting. The collaboration is a world first; the aim being to create a powerful and emotive song to raise awareness and take a stand against dog fighting not just in New Zealand but globally.

The new single was created through crowdsourcing via the Paw Justice Facebook page which has over 268,000 likes.  Users were encouraged to submit their feelings and experiences to provide Tiki with inspiration for the song  and help craft the incredibly powerful lyrics.

Enough Is Enough is the hardest thing I have ever done in my musical career,” says Tiki. “It’s really challenging accepting the fact that dog fighting exists in New Zealand, especially at this level of aggression. It’s something I’ve always felt strongly about as I’ve had experiences with it as a kid.”

Despite the growing popularity of vicious dog fighting in New Zealand, it rarely gets reported due its subversive nature and the fact it is well organised. Those involved have their own code of practice and people must be nominated to be involved.

Paw Justice Co-founder Craig Dunn says, “This is the most horrific form of animal abuse there is. We are seriously concerned about the lack of empathy from dog owners; a man was seen trying to feed live kittens to his dog.  Just as worrying is the severity of the violence inflicted on these animals. Not just the dogs fighting in the pit but all the other innocent animals that are harmed such as cats and rabbits that are stolen for bait.  Other abuses include starvation, dehydration, dislocated legs (so they can't run away) and filed down teeth so they cannot damage the prize dog. Not to mention the emotional stress that these dogs go through and the lack of medical attention that would be required after each fight (if they survive)."  “We recently located and rescued a dog from handlers through micro-chipping and returned him to his owners. Sadly he was like a soldier returning from war.  He was a shell of his former self and it was clear he had been put through immense emotional and physical abuse judging by the scars. We need everyone’s help. If people notice any suspicious behaviour or clear signs are noticed, please Paw Justice contact Paw Justice or call the police.”

Paw Justice aims to empower people to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Download the single on iTunes and help stamp out this horrific abuse. 

About Dog Fighting
Handlers will select breeds known for their strength, endurance and tenacity. Terrier breeds are the preferred choice. Once in the hands of a dog fighting trainer, the animal has no choice.  Like  ancient roman gladiators who were glorified slaves, they have to fight to stay alive or they will die for the sake of human entertainment and profit! Sadly a winning dog that is not killed in a fight may still die of blood loss, shock, infection or exhaustion after the fight has ended. Some fights have lasted more than two hours and if the dogs live, they may still suffer broken bones and crushed cartilage. Many handlers will kill a dog that loses, simply because they do not want to develop a reputation for breeding inferior quality dogs.

As part of the training, fighting dog handlers will often steal pet dogs to use as bait as a way to increase the fighting dogs confidence in its ability. The bait dogs will often be starved, dehydrated and muzzled with gaffer tape around the mouth to ensure they cannot bite back and therefore will lose the fight.  Pit fighting enthusiasts also gamble on how long the disadvantaged bait dog will live before coming to an agonising death. It  doesn't matter the breed of dog, there is always a use for them in the dog fighting world. To identify a suitable bait dog, handlers often place a sticker on the letterbox of the house where the dog lives. A red sticker is used for a large dog, yellow for medium and pink for a small dog.
About Paw Justice
Paw Justice was formed in 2009 to help deal with the sickening problem of animal abuse and neglect against pets in New Zealand. Such abuse has grown at alarming rates, both in frequency and severity. Animals are suffering and dying at the hands of callous humans who think they can get away with it. We say this must stop now. We are pulling together every resource we can find, welcoming every supporter who believes in our cause, and working together with other like-minded New Zealanders to stop this insidious violence against innocent animals. We want to see abuse rates dropping dramatically, serious offenders punished appropriately, children educated about respect and kindness, and companion animals all over New Zealand living comfortable and happy lives.

Please visit http://www.pawjustice.co.nz/ for more information.

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