19 Jun 2021

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Kaze and Tyza


'Kaze and Tyza' titled as BOPs Rap Dynamic Duo are back!!

After spending close to a year and a half recording their debut album 'Reality Check', 50+ songs reduced to 16, which is to be released mid 2011, 'Kaze' and 'Tyza' have already started on their next Duo album.

Tyza currently in Australia awaiting release, has spent most of his life in the Bay of Plenty. Started rapping with Kaze in 2006, although was always naturally a writer. He used to carry around a scrap pad filled with lines and constructively placed pieces of genius, which used to come out and shock.....people soon were in awe as Tyza's musical ability soared.

His influences ranged from metal to hiphop, so it was not suprising his ability to converge the both. Within a very short amount of time, his flow evolved rapidly with examples being solo songs, 'Im Sorry' and 'Notice This'.

With ease he seems to pull out thoughts and ideas that are totally vague and promiscuous, and creates master-pieces with words...

Kaze currently studying Audio Engineering and Production in Auckland, .has lived many places around NZ hence the name Kaze (Kms).
A proud Ngapuhi man, naturally unsettled, quiet and 'lowkey' seems to use music and words as his relief which he expresses in solo songs such as 'Escape' and 'Shake It Off'.

Kaze has actively produced and made music since 2003 from Palmerston North to Tauranga to Auckland. Has been in and out of a few Hiphop groups but ultimately has aimed to be a solo artist.........until meeting Tyza.

Kaze being the producer of the Duo has definitely been forced to be better, much out his comfort range he has stepped up with the much needed help from (manager) Roddie Sanders.

Kaze seems to be connected with music intensely. Somehow, out of total despair and sadness, creates something that blooms and heals people. He has a talent for connecting through words and touching your heart and soul through usually a stereotypically intimidating genre. Kaze ends with, "I hate being labelled a rapper, because of stereo-types, but I love the look on their faces when I do rap you know? That look of suprise, I live on it...."

Roddie Sanders (Tyza father) has been the proud manager of this Duo since 2009, and at the delight of Kaze turned this venture into something never seen.

In the early days, Roddie with his hands empty in a cup shape said to Kaze, "Look at this, its empty isnt it". Kaze a little confused replied "Yes", Roddie then saying "From nothing Im gonna fill this empty space" and through his management to the boys he showed them what he meant the next two years.

Bay of Plenty Times called it a "shoe-string budget". Roddie proved that from nothing they were going to create something even bigger than that 'empty cup'.

With the support of close friends and Roddies wife, daughter and whole family "the boys" have taken on all obstacles and won, with much love in the BOP and BOI we look forward to seeing them in the very near future.


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  • Auckland

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