5 Oct 2022

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Dead Kid Harvester


Dead Kid Harvester is a solo avant-garde/experimental/noise artist with a complete disregard for any form of music convention such as harmony or tempo. The primary instruments used are vocals and kitchen utensils. The life of a song typically begins with the lyrics, written with no consideration for rhythm or beat. Dead Kid Harvester takes influences ranging from doom metal to drone, industrial and old school punk, and polarizes them into an industrial cacophony of noise. Recorded samples and segments are combined haphazardly into songs, with frequent use of pitch shift and time stretch effects.

Dead Kid Harvester was formed in Porirua, New Zealand in December 2000, later moving to Auckland. The name Dead Kid Harvester is a combination of two nicknames acquired at high school, and is no less off-putting than the music itself. The preferred lyrical themes are insanity, horror and philosophy. Dead Kid Harvester makes use of both jarring and subtle variations between channels to invoke uneasiness and disarray.

In 2018, after nearly ten years of recording and procrastination, the debut full-length album The First Sign Of Madness was finally completed.

Tracks appear on:

2009 - DEMUS Compiled II
2009 - We'll Leave the Lights On
2011 - 5DBSSS One - tha ReeMux is (remix 'Metal on Utensil')
2012 - SIGNALVOID (exclusive songs 'Puberty', 'Stubborn Cupboard')
2016 - Through the Drift and the Unspoken
2017 - No Synth Noise Compilation (an interpretation of an Into Orbit track)

Band Members:
Paul (everything)


Media Downloads

  • Chronic Halloween Syndrome

    A song about torture and being naturally dressed up for Halloween every day of the year.
    Download Now [Size: 2.86MB | 3:07 | 128kbps]

  • Harvester Kid Dead

    A sort of title track to Dead Kid Harvester, about the people who live their lives like ants, not stopping to admire the beauty of the universe.
    Download Now [Size: 9.9MB | 10:49 | 128kbps]

  • Microwave Pop Song

    Grab some popcorn, potato chips or a drink. It must be intermission or something.
    Download Now [Size: 0.86MB | 0:56 | 128kbps]

  • Mind Lost

    A philosophical track about going insane due to contemplating life instead of actually living it.
    Download Now [Size: 2.7MB | 2:57 | 128kbps]

  • My Brain Surgeon Has Parkinson's Disease

    An instrumental about a man with shaky hands performing surgery.
    Download Now [Size: 5.24MB | 5:43 | 128kbps]

  • Old Bloopbeard's Tale

    An epic pirate story inspired by the colourful language you might use on Talk Like A Pirate Day, and the fanciful idea that pirates stuffed their cannons with kitchen utensils.
    Download Now [Size: 8.31MB | 9:04 | 128kbps]

  • Psychopathic Influence

    Yet another fun song about battling with insanity. Including a coffee machine operated by an unsuspecting colleague.
    Download Now [Size: 5.64MB | 6:09 | 128kbps]

  • Radiation

    A song with a spiritual story for which the meaning is unclear. Partially inspired by gothic rock.
    Download Now [Size: 3.43MB | 3:45 | 128kbps]

  • Scab Made Out of Faeces

    A silly song about a silly idea, featuring the soothing sounds of a dishwasher.
    Download Now [Size: 3.22MB | 3:31 | 128kbps]

  • Sleep

    A short track about insomnia, insanity, and losing your mind.
    Download Now [Size: 1.53MB | 1:41 | 128kbps]

  • White Coats And Strangled Throats

    A bit of good old-fashioned insanity featuring a wooden spoon, an oven tray, and an egg slicer played with knives.
    Download Now [Size: 3.35MB | 3:40 | 128kbps]

  • Wormy Justice

    A song about the Worms series of video games, partially inspired by Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral.
    Download Now [Size: 5.66MB | 6:11 | 128kbps]

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