28 Jan 2021

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IN THE BEGINNING.... 1993-1994

Three school friends' mutual appreciation of such fine metal acts as Slayer, Obituary, Sepultura (when they were Death Metal) and Death was the motivation for the formation of Falciform. In the Autumn of 1993, in Wellington, the then nameless nucleus of what would become Falciform was created by Kent Humphrey (guitar), Nathan Forbes (guitar) and Hayden Browne (drums).

Due to the individual member's youthfulness and inexperience, the early jam sessions consisted mainly of trying to mimic the aforementioned bands. Within a year however, due to the level of enthusiasm and more frequent practices, we began to compose original songs and define our sound. It was at this time when the band was first named. For the first six years we would be known as Denial.


Having been together for almost a year it was decided that a bassist and vocalist would be complementary to the sound of Denial. Clayton McGregor, a friend of Kent's, moved to our hometown and was quickly enlisted into the ranks as bassist/vocalist. Clayton's bass and vocal input added a new dimension to the sound, which had previously been seriously lacking and as a result the music continued to evolve and the output of new songs increased greatly.

In January 1995, Clayton left Denial leaving us sans bassist once again. The vocal duties were reluctantly taken over by Nathan.

Several months later Nathan met Jason Hislop through a friend of a friend. Upon joining a band practice one midwinter's evening, Jason was swiftly secured within Denial for his bass playing abilities and, as would be proven later, one hellava scream! Thus now sharing the vocal responsibilities with Nathan.


1996 saw us enter the studio to record a five track demo. Consisting of mostly new songs of the time, the demo simply entitled Denial was only to be released on tape and in limited supply. Due to time restrictions and a less than perfect studio the quality was not exceptional as the production failed to capture the intensity that was intended. As a result the demo never made it further than being sold at gigs and a couple of copies to some independent radio stations.

In April 1997 we scored a slot at the inaugural Eruption gig. An event that was to become and annual occurrence and the first being the most successful metal event in Wellington to date.

Due to focussing on other aspects of our pitiful lives, Denial stagnated and was effectively absent from the Wellington scene for a period of almost 12 months following the Eruption gig - the only reprieve being two days in a studio in late 1997 to record what would become the 'Catalyst' Mini-CD, which would not be released for quite some time.


The re-integration of Denial to a renewed metal scene in Wellington (thanks to the work of a new local promoter) started with a support slot for the mighty Brutal Truth (a gig which was to be one of their last) in August 1999, and we finally got around to releasing the recording done almost 2 years prior.

The 'Catalyst' CD release gig was very successful and the first track on the CD 'Godspawn' actually got some nationwide airplay on The Rock. Shortly after the release of 'Catalyst' they were back in the studio recording a track for the soon to be released Eruption compilation. 'Eruption-Vol. 1 Part 1' featured tracks from many of the bands that had performed at the Eruption gigs - some of the most respected metal acts of the local scene namely Premature Autopsy, Sadius Fiend, After Birth, Shakhan, Damn Image and long-standing NZ purveyors of noise Sticky Filth.


In mid-2000 it was decided that the name of the band should be changed. The reasons: finding several other bands in the world called Denial and also feeling that Denial represented what we were in 1993, not what we are now (in 2001). Thus the name changed to Falciform which was the title of the song recorded for the Eruption compilation.

The first Falciform performance was an opening slot for Australia's "old-school" black metallers Atomizer at Valve - one of our favourite local venues.

Band Members:
Kent Humphrey (guitar)
Nathan Forbes (guitar, vocals)
Hayden Browne (drums)
Jason Hislop (bass, vocals)



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muzic.net.nz Admin

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Falciform To Disband
Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2003 7:44 pm
After 10 years Falciform are disbanding, and after this year will be no more.

Falciform's final gig will be on 6 Dec at Valve, Wellington.

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