30 Oct 2020

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Older has one goal - to be less and less like their contemporaries as time passes. Growing up is boring; middle-aged people are expected to set an example and settle for the Rugby, Golf, wine weekends and gardening. Well, gardening is not so bad, especially growing food to avoid supermarkets, but the rest is DULL, pointless and tired. Luckily there are still enough folks around with dodgy backs who remember what it was like to see the world through youthful eyes, enough of them refusing to fit ageist stereotypes and enough of them to challenge the stupidity and mundane expectations of society.

Older resist all the things they see as wrong with modern life - consumerism, following what the herd say and think, caring what others expect of them, leading a mundane existence, wasting time with shallow people, and getting stuck in ruts that entrap those addicted to trash TV and banal media. The original punks grew up and either became real estate agents or dropped of the grid and grew their own food. They are not the real estate agent kind. So if you find something in their music you relate to, or even like, be assured it comes from a genuine place of alternative thinking. Life's a journey that should never stop - sure it might slow down at times and take some wrong turns, but it's an ever changing landscape of new experiences and fun. No moment should pass without being observed with a fresh perspective. That's where their songs come from.

They say 'punk' you might say something else however, punk is a state of mind, not a musical style. The Damned are big on their list of influences - the grand daddies of punk. Not because their music defines the sound of punk but because they survived, kept going and were never afraid to redefine themselves. But most of all because they are older than Older and still full of attitude, in the nicest possible way. Labels and boxes mean nothing but if you call Older retro New Wave, Indie or Alternative they are just as happy.

Older produce music that is laden with antipathy for the ordinary, and deliver attitudes seasoned with anarchy that takes no partisan political position to defend. They reject most main stream ideology equally and champion the creative thinker and the under dog yapping in the wind.

So here they are, not going away anytime soon. You'll never know what's coming next but it will be delivered tongue-in-cheek or a with a wry grin; an observational dig at something that came into their line of sight, or someone being particularly stupid. Usually a politician or celebrity, or not, maybe just that idiot you work with, or ... who knows.

Band Members:
Jel Legg (music, lyrics, all instruments, engineering, production, mixing)
Julie Legg (vocals, lyrics)


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  • Ohaupo

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  • Silence

    The title tracks from OLDER's debut album of the same name. How well do your friends and family know you? The real 'you' is danced around in conversations that ask all the regular questions but none that actually matter, none that get to the heart of you. Then as a society we wonder why our suicide rate is so high, not just our youth but our middle-aged men. New Zealand's society can be polar, uncaring, cold and poisoned by endless advertising that is designed to make you want or need more. You're fed stereotypical visions of what makes a real man or woman which are false. Mainstream media is fake and divisive. To survive this myriad of meaningless diatribe needs strength of character that is testing for the most stable of minds. We need to break the silence. We need to talk, screw what other people think, screw their judgements. Open up. No more, Silence.
    Download Now [Size: 7.24MB | 3:10 | 320kbps]

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REVIEW: Album Review: Silence
Submitted by Corinner
18 Jun 2019

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Definitely check them out!!
Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 9:35 pm
This duo have everything that makes them a point of difference. Not only do they have years of experience in what they do as professional musicians, they also sound fresh and biting as ever.

Jules' voice is dynamic and those harmonies are to die for!! Jel's musicianship is tight and spot on. They also have great lyrics and interesting subject matters. Definitely a band to follow. I suggest you all check them out.

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