19 Jul 2024

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Ragamuffin Children


Anita and Brooke moved to Wellington with the intention of becoming pirates. But after realising it was quite fashionable at the time they decided that they would prefer to be SERIOUS musicians. So they pawned their wooden legs and eyepatches in for a fiddle and an electric piano.

After many years singing seashanty's and drinking whiskey, Anita has developed quite a lovely voice. Brookes many life threatening experiences at sea has given her an insight into lifes beautiful complexities which she now expresses through melodically written lyrics that flow like the tide...

The Ragamuffin Children like tea parties, living room concerts and singing about serious and sensible subjects such as war and poverty and also about whimsical things such as aliens and hot air balloon adventures.

Brooke Singer (keyboard, songwriter) and Anita Clark (vocalist, fiddle, guitar) formed the RAGAMUFFIN CHILDREN in 2006 and have already played a number of gigs, including support for the well-known New Zealand band Goldenhorse and a concert at the Canterbury Folk Festival with the songstress Chris While.

The Ragamuffin Children like to make each show a delightful and memorable event. They can often be found talking vaguely about an array of subjects in between playing their beautifully crafted songs. This adds to the curious and charming nature of their performances.

The Ragamuffin Children are releasing their debut album 'Werecat Lullabies' and are on their first nationwide tour of New Zealand. This coincides with the exciting release of their single 'More of Me' which was recorded after it won a national song writing competition run by Loop recordings in association with Microsoft.

Recently, Brooke and Anita began working with Jody Lloyd from She'll Be Right Records, for the release of their debut album entitled 'Werecat Lullabies'. The album features 12 original songs with an array of instrumentation including cello, clarinet and glockenspiel along with more traditional instruments. Minstrel the singing dog also gets a cameo on the record.

They are planning on an overseas adventure in the near future and hope to travel the world in a flying house bus.

Their music is a delightful blend of new folk with soulful melodies, that might possibly charm your socks off...(or bore you to tears-let us know which one!)

Band Members:
Anita Clark (vocalist, fiddle, guitar)
Brooke Singer (keyboard, songwriter)

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  • Wellington

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Ragamuffin Children return with The Seahorse Emporium
Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:53 pm
After lighting up music critics with their stunning debut album Werecat Lullabies in 2007, the delicate, ethereal sounds of the Ragamuffin Children return in February with the launch of their sophomore album The Seahorse Emporium.

To celebrate the release of the album, Ragamuffin Children have announced a 14-date national tour.

Ragamuffin Children's lush and unique sound made a significant impact on the New Zealand music scene when their first album Werecat Lullabies was released in 2007, an album Real Groove hailed as "surprisingly affecting" and NZ Musician welcomed songwriter Brooke Singer we "one of the country's finest young songwriters".

The duo of Anita Clark (vocalist, fiddle, guitar) and Brooke Singer (keyboard, songwriter) formed the band in 2006. Brooke is an accomplished songwriter and pianist whose melodies have gained national recognition. Multi-instrumentalist Benjamin James from rising Wellington band Spartacus R and vocalist Karena-Tui Miles-Hemopo feature on The Seahorse Emporium and will join the Ragamuffin Children on their nationwide tour.

Recorded at the legendary Wellington studio 'The Surgery' by Lee Prebble with funding from Creative New Zealand, The Seahorse Emporium promises a more mature and professional sound from the Ragamuffin Children.

The album includes instrumentation from some of Wellington's best musicians; A string trio from the Wellington Sinfonia perform upon a number of tracks. Jess Chambers, Rio Hemopo (Formally of trinity roots) and Andy Hummel provide backing vocals on the single 'Following the leader'. Michael Kane (Drums) and Tim Prebble (Bass), both from Wellington band Spartacus R, also feature.

Over the past two years the Ragamuffin Children have performed extensively around New Zealand gaining national recognition for their heartfelt, and intimate songs and performances. They have performed at the Parihaka Peace festival, Camp A Low Hum, Canaan Downs festival and with Swedish songwriter Jose Gonzalez.

New Zealand audiences get their chance to see one of this country's most fascinating emerging talents when the Ragamuffin Children commence their tour January 24.

Ragamuffin Children: The Seahorse Emporium
To be released February 9, 2009


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