30 Sep 2023

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Ward 10


Formed in 2002 in Auckland, New Zealand, Ward 10 have been making waves and playing to enthusiastic, enthralled and, at times, sickened crowds ever since. With comments on the bands' sound such as "a non-stop mind-f#@king roller coaster of electro-metal pounding sickness!!!" and "a seamless 50 minute stomping collection of technically proficient epic tracks that pound you in the head continuously then stop to let you take a breath before thumping you in the face yet again...!" these guys are on top of their game and definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Ward 10 are everything but conventional with 50 minute songs and a backing track of beats including samples, bizarre noises and even a trumpet solo! Plus, where else are you gonna see a gimp playing an electrified cello! Although, surprisingly, he chooses to play it standing up, rather than sitting down and wrapping his legs around the large vibrating piece of wood…

Ward 10 will play anywhere and everywhere and, for a band as unconventional as Ward 10, success in the New Zealand Battle of the Bands would seem like an uphill struggle. Yet despite being far removed from what would be considered mainstream and radio friendly, the band has made it through to the regional final three years running. A great achievement given the diverse range of judges the band has impressed over the years and is a testament to the bands' strong writing and performances.

Debut album currently being recorded.

Band Members:
Ant (bass, cello, vocals)
Dave (guitar)
Matt (guitar)





  • Auckland

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Ward 10 Album and Tour with Just One Fix
Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 6:54 pm
Ward 10 have just released their aptly titled debut album 'Curing Those Who Are Normal!' They put a refreshing spin on the metal genre, incorporating elements not usually abundant in the metal scene such as programmed beats, samples and a cello. Combining these with inflective, aggressive vocals, pounding bass lines and crushing metal guitar riffs, gives the listener an infectiously heavy groove that provides a great balance between everything that makes metal great with enough inspiration and originality to set the band apart with their own sound and insure that the music will echo around your brain long after first listen!

While the album contains 11 tracks, it’s more of a 50 minute piece of music that flows seamlessly together and journeys from skull crushing heaviness through unusual timings and rhythms to catchy bizarreness that will leave you wondering where the hell it came from and craving for more!

The hidden bonus track takes off into a completely random direction of insaneness that takes you wholly unaware and manages to masterfully create something on a completely different level from the rest of the record yet still reeks of Ward 10

The band has a video of their first single v1.10 'To Be Normal'. Filmed at the Spookers Haunted House and TVNZ it’s a mesmerising piece of cinematography with production values far surpassing what you would normally expect from an independent band’s first release. The contrast between the two locations is both unexpected and hilarious making this video a must see!

Then there’s the band’s web site. It’s like stepping into another reality where the band members Ant (vocals, bass, cello), Matt (guitar) and Dave (guitar) are all patients at the Ward 10 Hospital for the Insanely Insane. There’s a whole cast of characters there that make for entertaining reading, especially the resident shrink Dr von Schtinkinberg’s weekly report on how his star patients are progressing. With photos, merchandise, mp3s, video link, bio, patient and staff profiles, magazine articles, a forum and a timeout room there’s more than enough to see and do in one sitting

The band is about to embark on an album release World Tour of the North Island! Live there’s nothing quite like seeing a crazed gimp on stage, playing a cello to heavy dark music! The tour is a double header with Just One Fix who are promoting their debut album The Price of $ellvation. With a local act joining them in most of the towns, The Price of Being Normal Tour should not be missed! Starting in October, see below for dates and details

So if you like your music hard n heavy with original groove you definitely need to check this band out!


The Price of Being Normal Tour 07 with Just One Fix

- Hamilton @ Sabbath Bar - Fri 12 Oct with Carnage
- Mt Maunganui @ Brewers Bar - Sat 13 Oct with Metal Tower
- Auckland @ Kings Arms - Sun 21 Oct with Brutal Panda
- Taupo @ Groove Bar - Fri 26 Oct
- Rotorua @ Bar-Barella - Sat 27 Oct with Slipping Tongue
- New Plymouth @ Basement Bar - Fri 16 Nov with Insidious
- Wanganui @ Duncan Pavilion - Sat 17 Nov with Pariah
- Whangarei @ Pirates Bar - Sat 24 Nov with Heavy Artillery
- Napier @ Milonga Bar - Fri 30 Nov with Gunt
- Wellington @ Valve Bar - Sat 1 Dec with Slave Cadaver & El Schlong


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New Ward 10 Website
Posted: Mon May 29, 2006 10:03 pm
Ward 10 has a brand new web site up and running with tonnes of new things to see and do (ooh er!)
Including new photos, an updated bio and links page plus a new merchandise page and a patient profile as well as a 'meet the staff of Ward 10 Hospital' area! But wait there's more, a weekly report from Dr. Von Schtinkinberg on the progress of his 3 star patients! But wait, there's still more! Oh no hang on that's about it actually...


You can also now see us on MySpace http://www.myspace.com/ward10band

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