31 May 2023

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Battle Circus


Marcel was a gypsy traveller, riding through the Rhineland on a banana seat caravan, playing his Bulgarian caliminara sitar to the restless locals throughout the land. Following a navigation blunder by his hasty kraut companion Boris, the caravan drifted from the Rhineland and found itself marooned in the Meadowlands (of Howick).

Trying to find their bearings the travellers continued on, and stumbled upon a small but notoriously popular gentlemen's club in the heart of industrial Newmarket. The proprietor of this dingy hangout, a local rapscallion named Ryan, had an affinity for heavy grooves, and quite fancied the strange tunes strummed by the newcomers. After several visits to the brothel (Marcel had quite an affinity of his own - for a buxom strawberry blonde named 'Jenny'), the gypsies asked Ryan if he would fancy lending his 5-string wielding talents to the band. After a round of ales on the house, the offer was graciously accepted.

Following a late-night viewing of ‘Weird Science’, the idea for creating a keyboardist arose, and the pair set about constructing what would become Yvonne. Built from random parts of old vintage synthesizers, Milton Bradley board games, Sergei Rachmaninov LPs, and a Vegan cookbook, their creation was a classically-training pianist, perfect in every way (except for her atrocious spelling – this could not be helped as half the Scrabble set they used was missing).

The final piece fell into place one day when the trio stumbled upon a wedding taking place in a nearby park. From a distance, the group could clearly see the remarkable double-kick-drum and odd-time-signature abilities of The Groom, and decided at once that he would be, once given a ridiculously over-sized drum kit, the perfect skins man for the job. Rushing the altar, the three stuffed an already very nervous James in a sack, and threw him in the van, along with half the wedding cake, two cases of Heineken and a selection of bridesmaids (all strawberry blonde).

When James finally submitted to their demands, the group set about constructing a rudimentary recording studio in the basement of the brothel. From within its smoky, ale-stained walls the songs and sounds of Battle Circus would gradually emerge, and find their way onto the very website that you see before you.

Band Members:
Marcel Bellve (guitar, vocals)
Yvonne Wu (piano, keyboard)
Ryan Marshall (bass)
Jester Staples (drums)





  • Auckland

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muzic.net.nz Admin

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Battle Circus enter the studio to record debut album, launch new blog site
Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:38 am
Auckland band Battle Circus have entered the studio to record what
will become their debut album, following 2007's acclaimed 'Half-Light
Symphony' EP.

Working once again with Auckland producer David Holmes (Jakob,
Gramsci, Decortica), the band have commandeered a remote beach house
just outside of Raglan for several weeks, to record a body of songs
written and performed throughout the last six years.

While no release date has been set as yet, fans can expect a raft of
new material previously unreleased and unperformed by the band, and in
the meantime can follow the band's progress from the new blog site
recently launched at battlecircus.com.

The new site boasts regular updates, news, photos and videos direct
from the band as they craft the upcoming album amidst the lush coastal
countryside of the Waikato's west coast.

Visit www.battlecircus.com for more.

muzic.net.nz Admin

Joined: 17/07/02
Posts: 5089
Location: Manawatu
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Battle Circus to tour America, Germany and Australia
Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:26 pm
Auckland rockers Battle Circus are elated to welcome Tory "Jester" Staples as the band's new drummer. Jester has an extensive history backing some of New Zealand's best musicians.

The timing couldn't have been better for Battle Circus as they have a slew of international plans in the making. The dramatic four-piece rock band will make the foray over the Tasman in early October for their first Australian gigs since February's Fuse Festival. "We always love coming back to Australia, and as we start to branch out farther it's beginning to feel more and more like our backyard," says lead singer and guitarist Marcel Bellve.

Battle Circus will leave Oz to support the legendary Amanda Palmer in her first solo tour of Germany since The Dresden Dolls went on hiatus. "Supporting an amazingly creative artist such as Amanda is a dream
come true for us," glowed Yvonne Wu, pianist. "It is going to be quite an experience sharing a stage with her."

Rounding out the international experience, Battle Circus will make their United States premiere as they represent New Zealand at the celebrated CMJ Music Marathon. Performances at CMJ have led to global domination by many independent artists. Here, Battle Circus will be showcasing for the international music industry at one of New York City's coolest venues.

This international incursion is being led by Battle Circus's new international representation by American artist management company The Underground Management. Maryelizabeth Carter, founder and owner of The Underground Management states, "Battle Circus is a rare blend of incredible musicianship and brilliant personalities. We are looking forward to building international awareness for a group that swells with talent."

Battle Circus's debut release, 'The Half-Light Symphony', was released
in New Zealand at the end of 2007.

The group will be touring throughout October.

October 3 - Sydney, Australia - Headliner
October 8 - Melbourne, Australia - Headliner
October 12 - Berlin, Germany - Amanda Palmer
October 13 - Dresden, Germany - Amanda Palmer
October 14 - Heidelberg, Germany - Amanda Palmer
October 21-25 - New York, United States - CMJ Music Marathon

For more on BATTLE CIRCUS visit www.battlecircus.com

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