10 May 2021

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Defective Souls


"Defective Souls is a band created out of the love of playing performing and feeling the music. The band consists of a five piece consisting of vocals, lead, rythm, bass and drums. Each of the band members all come from very different walks of life but collaberated together for the same reason, to perform.

"Defective Souls, originally called the Mirrord Souls, began in early 2004 with two best mates Lee and Stacy. Lee being a rap lyricist with the influences of most gangster rap as well as rock influences from the likes of Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, Marylin Manson, Ozzy Osborne and Coal Chamber, and Stacy being a rock guitarist under the influence of Metallica, ACDC and Jimi Hendrix got together in a studio that Lee had built in his shed for recording his rap.

"After a couple of months of jaming out together along came the introduction of a cheap drum kit. The original drummer at that stage was Daniel Beatty, a good friend of Lee and Stacy. Soon enough Daniel had quit the three piece due to lack of dedication and time. The next drummer that Lee and Stacy got was Dion, a workmate of Stacy's.

"From then the Mirrord Souls was taking shape and sounding prospective with Lee's rap slowly moving more towards the rock style and rehearsals taking place on most days. Things were picking up for the trio and they were even hunting around for a dedicated bass player until it took a major fall around October 2004 when lead singer Lee ended up in jail for four months for a couple of breaches with the district court.

"While everything came to a screaming halt for lead singer Lee, the two remaining band members persued their hunt for bass and rythm guitarists until they found Dave for rythm and Simon for bass. By the time Lee had got out of jail the rest of Mirrord Souls had rehersed and made up many original rock songs. Of course the first thing that :ee wanted to do was meet these new band members and get rehearsing with his new songs that he had written while in jail. Unfortunately when Lee went for his first rehersal with the band since he got out he ran into conflict with the two new members, they didn't like his style of singing and he didn't like the fact that his position in the band had been backed off to almost non existent. Lead guitarist Stacy felt almost trapped in the middle of two friendships and together with Lee withdrew all of their equipment that a previous five thousand dollar loan between Lee and Stacy had bought and called the band quits.

"They had decided that if it's not going to be fun for the both of them that it's just not worth it. It was quite a set back for the two and they almost came close to giving up on the whole idea of a band a few times but they kept positive and stuck it through. Starting from scratch again Lee and Stacy changed the name to Defective Souls as a joke because of the way that things had played out for the original band Mirrord Souls, they kept writing and rehersing making new songs.

"They picked up another drummer, Katherine also a friend of theirs, then through a friend they found Daniel Weaver, who had played guitar for a high school band a couple of years before, they got Daniel straight onto the bass guitar and started giging as soon as they had five songs including their own cover version of 'Sweet Dreams' by Marylin Manson changing the lyrics and calling it 'Nightmares Are Made Of Me'.

"Before long the drummer known as Kat left the band due to a lack of enthusiasm and dedication. Suffering once again another set back the three Lee, Stacy and Daniel kept up the rehearsals and continued to make new songs without a drummer. After a month or so around June 2005, Daniel turned up for rehersal with a girl named Jacinta, known to be quit a drummer. Jacinta played the drums that night for Defective Souls, they all had what they called the best jam of their lives then after rehearsal Lee, Stacy and Daniel all pretty much begged Jacinta to join the band, she agreed and things could never be better, they rehearse everyday for two hours and Lee and Stacy both agree that after all the downfalls they couldnt possibly have a more dedicated band.

"Defective Souls also agreed to take Dave the original rythm guitarist back giving him a tight schedule and dedication factor. Defective Souls are tighter than ever and here to stay, they will have their first album out early 2006, and will be playing in the near future somewhere near you."

Band Members:
Lee Holloway (vocals)
Stacy Webb (guitar)
Dave (guitar)
Daniel Weaver (bass)
Jacinta (drums)

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defective souls
Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 12:53 pm
order a free demo rehersal cd of defective souls from [email protected] or write to 802 churchill street Hastings,include a return address and we'll sent it to you free of charge,listen to it,then post your ratings on this discussion page.we'd love to haer from you.

This message was edited by amnesia on Fri Aug 26, 2005 12:55 pm.

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