21 Apr 2019

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The Unbound



A devoted singer/songwriter originally from sunny Napier, from there moving to the mighty Waikato gaining a good foot hold in the Hamilton music scene and now residing in Auckland to record and break into the Nz music industry.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Nick has gained extensive experience playing in a variety of different bands where through the years has identified the essence of certain music which arouses the greatest affect on particular audiences. With influences ranging from Classical, Latin American, pop, through to alternative grunge rock and hiphop he says it broadens his listening audience and increases the pool of creative resources.

Going solo in 1999 unconstrained him of the limitations and reliance on fellow band members and gave him the power to constitute all future decisions and creative control of the music.

However, with the recent collaboration with musical genius, professional multi-instrumentalist, and backing specialist Albi Collier, has given justice to Nick's songs enabling them to yield a world class sound.

Out of the two albums worth of tracks, the first single 'Ordinary girl' recorded at York Street Studios is a testament to the compatibility of the duo. Nick says: "having Albi on board is a blessing and with his comradeship, added vast influences, commitment and of course talent has made my song composing so much easier and fun. Basically all I have to do is write and compose the songs which in turn act as an outline of a picture for Albi to color in with original detail. It just a beautiful commensal partnership"


Being in a unit as an arranger/ composer / Instrument Hog - is awesome for me, The whole concept from gebbining to end has been one that incorporates everything I have learnt in all my years as a soundtrack person and general musician. Never did I work in a unit with such sonic freedom though, and I know the synergy where two extremely solid perspectives on the same entity, has made lasting impressions on alot of people. And for that I even more inspired. I used to practice and learn covers and study the Backings of songs, which is why the backing of this one stands up as an instrumental track as well. The rarity of a situation like ours is another aspect that makes us stand out, the fact that there are only two of us and we have a full band sound is a strange combination yet we still manage to present dynamic diversity in each track. The focus and ideas within our collective makes for interesting band meetings as well. Less people equals less conflict of opinion, and the respect we have for what we have and our roles, keeps everything on track... "I often ignored the words of songs and gave attention to everything else that complimented the Vocal - on some level, or not..." So teaming with Nick was a step that brings all those observations fresh, yet calculated, perspective into our duo situation. "This initial single ordinary girl, from my perspective is an easily accessible tune with hook lines aplenty. Every instrument I laid down is singing, and building a bigger palette for Nick's Vocals to leap, from the intro cymbal accents and Bass chords, to the outro it's all there man... I sense this song has real allure as it feels like a celebration of women, and who really can't relate to that?


-Record and release another single.
-Record an album
-Do a New Zealand tour later in the year.

Band Members:
Nick Hohepa (vocals, guitar, drums, bass, saxophone)
Albica (guitar, bass, drums)



  • Hamilton

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