19 Oct 2021

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The Shocking Pinks

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New York Label DFA Signs Shocking Pinks
Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 9:30 am
In what has to be New Zealand music’s worst kept secret, but highest profile deal, Flying Nun Records are proud to announce a finished, signed, sealed and delivered agreement that sees New York influential label The DFA taking over Christchurch’s Shocking Pinks for the World!

The debut Shocking Pinks 12" single entitled "Smokescreen", featuring a remix from the Glimmers, is the single of the month in both UK’s DJ Magazine and Mixmag. The first pressing has already sold out and the 2nd run is in production now.

On September 25, DFA will release the self-titled Shocking Pinks (through Flying Nun Records in Australia and New Zealand), a compilation of remastered tunes from Shocking Pinks' two 2005 albums for NZ label Flying Nun, both of which were follow-ups to SP's debut, Dance the Dance Electric.

Thus, the purpose of Shocking Pinks is to reintroduce Harte's solo wanderings to the world, a project he and DFA will continue with forthcoming remixes by artists like Deerhunter, the Glimmers, Arkitype, and Eluvium.


01 Wake Up
02 This Aching Deal
03 How Am I Not Myself?
04 Second Hand Girl
05 End of the World
06 The Narrator
07 Yes! No!
08 Emily
09 Blond Haired Girl
10 Victims
11 Girl on the Northern Line
12 I Want U Back
13 SmokeScreen
14 Jealousy
15 Cutout
16 Twenty Three
17 You Can Make Me Feel Bad

muzic.net.nz Admin

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The Shocking Pinks - 'Mathematical Warfare'
Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 5:14 pm
The new album from The Shocking Pinks, 'Mathematical Warfare' will be released on Flying Nun Records on February 28th. It is the follow up to 'Dance The Dance Electric', about which Pitchfork Media said "simultaneously one of the most tragically hip and irreverently unaffliated records of the year" and was given an 8.2 rating out of 10 by the abnormally harsh US music/media website.

Nick Harte was favourably compared to Brian Wilson at the tender age of 13 by one of NZ's leading rock publications, and we think we know why. As the sole entity behind Christchurch band The Shocking Pinks, Nick has written and recorded an album full of harmonic and layered pop tunes about relationship make ups and break ups - in short, love songs that work on many different levels.

Consisting of 17 songs inspired by Nick's tumultuous and emotional ups and downs over the past year of so, 'Mathematical Warfare' takes the listener on a rollercoaster journey through the mind of a social misfit and dysfunctional wunderkind. His musical repertoire encompasses distinctly expressive vocals, muted drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, saxophone, keyboard, xylophone and an infinite layering of all these tones that ushers in a kind of MBV Renaissance.

First single, 'Emily', is receiving strong support from bNet stations across New Zealand and the accompanying lo-fi video is screening on the telly right now. Other mood-shifting tracks include the rollicking '18', the slinky 'Girls', the expansive fields of 'Secrets', hip-shaking 'Lucy', and the mellifluous dream-peace of 'Roquaril'.

The album was recorded entirely by Nick and his engineer Mark in a Christchurch studio called 191 and is a positive and distinct move away from the electro sound of the last album. Nick tells us "...the new album is consistently about love songs and it's hard to compare the sound to anything else, but it's definitely more poppy. I guess because it's me completely solo I just went way over the top."

And we'd have no choice but to agree with that assumption, because the results sound great.

'Mathematical Warfare' is released on 28th February, 2005.

NB: Look out for a cohesive touring band called The Shocking Pinks around the album's release - dates to be announced shortly.

muzic.net.nz Admin

Joined: 17/07/02
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The Shocking Pinks break up. Again.
Posted: Mon May 10, 2004 8:21 am
Christchurch band the Shocking Pinks continue their soap opera like ride of 'are they? aren't they breaking up?' with another decision to disband the current line-up. Husband-and-wife team Kit and Marie have decided to leave the band to focus on their own band House of Dolls, and drummer Nathan has likewise left and is putting his energy into the Undercurrents.

Main man Nick Harte played a recent RDU gig with several members of a previous line-up, so just what the future holds for the band is anyones guess. It may well be that, as seems to be the way at present, Nick continues to write and record material single-handedly, and then create bands on an 'as-needed' basis for any live duties. We shall see.

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