29 Feb 2024

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Do you know who Loki is?
Loki is a name you've heard before, yes? Perhaps subconsciously you recognise the name from a poster you've seen round town, or on a gig guide somewhere? Maybe you recognise the name Loki as that of the Norse God of Mischief? Or perhaps you simply know that Loki is a Rock band.

There are no other bands around like Loki, no other bands that sound like Loki, or act like Loki. Sure, comparisons could be drawn between bands like Faith No More and System of a Down, but when it comes down to it 'the Loki sound' is totally unique, and puts the band completely in a class of its own.

Onlookers of Loki shows have often wandered away bewildered because they could not think of ways to describe what they have just witnessed. To make it simple just have a listen to the First track - 'Entropy' off Loki's 'Discerning Eye' CD, or perhaps the soaring, piano driven 'Ecstasy' off that same CD and the answer will soon become clear that Loki blend a mixture of Progressive and Hard rock elements to create their unique sound.

Not overly hard to describe you would think, but some have had trouble doing it.

Loki haven't been around for very long. They started out in early 2001, just a fledgling band who mixed together a bit of everything - from punk to jazz, rock to epic classical movements. Back then they were called Breaking Eve-In, but after the loss of two of the original members and the arrival of their subsequent replacements it was decided a new name was required. So the name of the infamous Norse God was chosen and Loki were on their way.

They started playing gigs at local bars and friend's parties, culminating various sounds and cramming every ounce of energy they had into each performance. This of course did not go unnoticed, especially when Loki played their first Battle of the Bands and received a comment from one of the Judges which simply said "Weetbix!!!".

Loki made it into the Battle of the Bands finals in 2001 as well as the finals of the VUWSA Battle of the Bands that same year, both of which they repeated in 2002.

At the end of their first half year together Loki recorded a demo EP, titled 'The Discerning Eye'. Its five tracks ranged in style from New Metal to Jazz, Hard Rock to grandiose epic Rock. The EP was well received and is still on sale at various stores round Loki's Hometown of Welington.

In 2002 Loki entered with a new set of songs, a toned up stage performance and a willingness to work and play three times as hard as they had in their first year.

More gigs were played including spots at Massey and Victoria University's Orientation, the Planet X games and Brookfest 2002. Loki also travelled, and visited spots all round the North Island including Napier, Palmerston North, The Mount and Auckland. Songs from 'The Discerning Eye' were added to the playlist's of Paul Martin's Axe Attack on the Rock, Radio Active and Massey Radio in Wellington, Radio Control in Palmerston North, The Mulcher FM in Auckland, and The Station in Lower Hutt. By the end of the year plans were being formulated for world domination.

Then, after much deliberation Loki went back into the studio in early 2003 to record their first single - 'Nothing To Me'.
With an even more refined sound Loki took to the road along with their friends Pierced for the 'Nothing To Me' Tour. The tour covered nine shows throughout the North Island and went from Wellington to Auckland, Napier to New Plymouth. The tour was a great success and a good time was had by all.

Loki and Pierced then returned to Wellington to share the limelight at the 2003 Armageddon Cult Festival at the Michael Fowler Centre along with Shakhan and King Kapisi. After that there were a couple of Tuesday nites at Indigo and Fridays at Valve before Loki decided to head back into the studio in early 2004 to record 'Breakdown'. It was soon after this that long time drummer James decided to call it a day and head off on his OE.

Enter Chris.
After a series of auditions it was decided that Chris was the next drummer for Loki. And so, after months of rehearsing Loki once again stepped back onto the stage. After a successful first gig with Chris, Loki took to the road again for a couple of shows in Hamilton and the Mount with their friends Amy Racecar. And in between all this Loki filmed a video for 'Breakdown' as well as doing more gigs round Wellington.

And that brings us up to date.

So, who is Loki?
You may have seen their posters blanketed round town and wondered exactly who this band is? well, the answer is simple. Loki are a Rock band.

They've played with Punk bands like Blake, Retro Rock bands like Two Lane Black Top and top NZ Metal bands like Shakan and Angel Hammer.

Band Members:
Aidan Dickens (keyboards, vocals)
James Howel (drums, vocals)
Ilya Tabachnik (guitar)
Ben Palmer (bass)



  • Wellington

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