20 Jul 2024

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Levity Beet - Album Review: Levity Beet And The Aotearoa All Stars

30 Apr 2024 // A review by Corinne Rutherford
Golden Bay's multiple award-winning children’s music artist Levity Beet is well regarded in his field. Three times APRA Children's Song of the Year winner and two times Tui Children's Musician of the Year, he knows a thing or two about producing heartwarming, entertaining and amusing music which captures the hearts and minds of our children. His latest work with the support of NZ On Air is a 12-track album of collaborations with 12 different NZ family friendly artists. Levity Beet And The Aotearoa All Stars is a toe tapping, fun collection of unconventional cheerful tracks from names many of us are familiar with.

This album sounded like the best kind of fun to make, taking inspiration from something they all remembered really loving as children creating a theme to base the songs around.

The line-up of collaborating artists is like the who’s who of kid friendly music in New Zealand. Ranging from Suzy Cato and Craig Smith to Claudia Robin Gunn and Chris Saunders, not to mention the very talented musicians in between of which I will fully acknowledge later.

The creator who is behind bringing all this together Levity Beet, features on each track with a different artist adding their own flavour to the mix. This is his first family friendly music project to be released from his new independent label 'Wildbeet Records' the target audience being young kids who will find delight and joy in the charming musical tales.

If I were to pick out a couple of tracks that really appealed to me, it would be from Craig Smith (The Wonky Donkey Dude) and his song about a Silly Sausage. It was funny, touched with a tinge of darkness and backed by funky instrumentals. I can picture toddlers dancing around with huge grins on their faces. It also made me hungry.

Another track I rather fancy is Catch That Monster Fish a collaboration with Rob Wigley of Mr Roberelli which was released as a single recently. A cool catchy tune with loads of get up and go. Inspiring, adventurous, harmonious and happy. What more could you ask for.

This album is jam packed full of uplifting cheery goodness, each artist shining in their own musical right. A distinctly Kiwi sense of humour filtering through each song.

On an album like this it is only fair to mention each collaborating artist as well as the genius behind it all. So here goes.

Suzy Cato / Let’s Build This Home, Craig Smith (The Wonkey Donkey Dude) / Silly Sausage, fleaBITE / Sing, Claudia Robin Gunn / Stick, Kath Bee / One Baby Burger Cook, Judi Cranston / Funny Little Bunny, Chris Sanders / Monsters In The Room, Itty Bitty Beats / Witches Brew, Mr Robereli / Catch That Monster Fish, Music With Michal / When We Say Goodbye, MLO / Riding Up The Hill, Loopy Tunes / Jump. And of course, the magical Levity Beet who pulled it all together.

There is a certain type of joy listening to an album like this, it can transport you back to your childhood or to a time you could dance around with your wee kids, and they thought you were cool.

Fun and frivolity a reminder of the joy obtained from having a bit of fun and simply being silly.

Levity Beet And The Aotearoa All Stars did a delightful job creating this album. It’s bound to be a banger with the younger generation.


About Levity Beet

Levity Beet is a three times APRA Children's Song of the Year winner and two times Tui Children's Musician of the Year. As well as producing warm hearted and hilarious music for children and families Levity works as a producer, recording engineer and mix engineer for many other artists too.

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