27 Feb 2024

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The Boondocks - EP Review: The Boondocks

01 Feb 2024 // A review by Brad Miller

Reviewers can sometimes fall into the trap of being either overly critical or offering nothing but cringe worthy praise when writing. When it comes to this latest effort put forward by Auckland two-piece (Scott Parker, vocals and bass and Branden Pritchard, drums) The Boondocks, the high praise is well deserved and genuine.

Opening with the thunderous and catchy Alone, seatbelts should be fastened, and all hands placed inside the ride. I had to stop and remind myself that this EP was recorded with nothing but Scott’s vocals and bass, and Branden’s drums. If you’re a Rock FM listener, you’ll have likely heard this track already, as well as its FM contemporary Black Taxi. Both tracks have received some hefty air time and rightly so, with each track making its way up the NZ music charts (making it to #17 and #11 respectively). 

I’m curious to know how much inspiration artists such as the Arctic Monkey’s and Royal Blood played on The Boondocks, as their influences can definitely be felt. However, Scott and Branden have very much made this EP their own. The EP’s second track Nice Guy is written from the perspective of a creep, a man who believes acting a certain way will entitle him to praise or special treatment. The Boondocks say of the track “Essentially, the song is a story from the perspective of a creep, who feels as though he is owed. The song was intended as a bit of a laugh, but we also don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour… so the message is still there.”

Coming in next we have Payday. Now, without making this review political… there is a certain follically challenged party leader who could do with a listen to this track. Many Kiwi’s are having a tough time financially right now, and Payday perfectly captures that struggle and all the feelings associated with it. With the bridge even taking a jab at the ever unattainable housing market. Payday will definitely be on my playlist the next time I’m heading to the supermarket swearing under my breath.

I was fortunate enough to catch The Boondocks live last year at the now famous Dougfest in Hamilton. This next track caught my attention then and it still does now. Black Taxi closes out this EP with the force of nature that is Branden’s drums driving the track. Another catchy hit ripe for the airwaves and hopefully your next show. The Boondocks is a loud, joyful, angry, fast, and sometimes aggressive EP, with some humour sprinkled in. I thoroughly enjoyed this EP, and wholeheartedly await my next Boondocks experience. If you love fast rock and catchy kiwi tunes, I think you will too.

The Boondocks was mixed, mastered, recorded, and produced by Scott Seabright.


About The Boondocks

The Boondocks is a two piece band formed in mid 2022 by Bassist/vocalist Scott Parker, and Drummer Branden Pritchard. Our influence ranges from punk, to groove. We play as often as we can, and have put a lot of focus on our live shows!

Feel free to message us on Instagram!

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