2 Dec 2023

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Sam Higham - Album Review: Jam Fish

20 Nov 2023 // A review by Rob Harbers
Poneke’s Sam Higham has just released his debut solo album Jam Fish. With an audacious precocity belying his mere 26 years, this one-man production threatens to smash many preconceptions, and burrow its way into your head with its multi-faceted attack, one that would fall, for want of a better position, into the arena of ‘progressive’. Unless the kids these days have any other way to describe such an ambitious, genre-hopping sustained burst of pure creative energy such as this, that is!

Opening track, Tape Deck Mimic, opens on a quiet and vulnerable note that, if I’m honest, nearly had me reaching for the off button. A slow, slightly dirge-like vocal and piano intro was not the kind of stuff I really had the spoons for at the time! But I persisted, and at about a minute in, the drums kicked in, and the second verse saw a build in intensity, as more instruments came in to the mix, slowly increasing the dynamic tension. And then, at the halfway mark, this relatively sedate cruise suddenly goes pedal-to-the-metal, balls-to-the-wall bonkers! In the absolute best of ways, that is. From there, it’s an enjoyable bounce between these two poles, setting up some interesting anticipation of what’s to come.

The following track Fishbowl introduces a brooding, atmospheric urgency reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, before transitioning to a close that would do Queen proud. This almost bipolar approach continues through to Is That Sarcasm?, kicking off with an almost pastoral feel, over a riff with an echo of The Cult’s Edie, but building to an intense guitar breakout that in its wake leaves some Pink Floyd-like keyboard touches.

Having established the format of glorious unpredictability laid out in the opening salvos, the album continues down this path. One which is something akin to an auditory version of a trail through an enchanted forest, where at every turn there is something new to be found. One that counterpoints moments of stark fragility against bursts of delicious bombast. One with an attendant load of earworm riffs that will invade your thoughts! In short, an audaciously accomplished piece that is a true credit to the creative mind behind it, and well worth checking out – and persisting with, as it’s delightful perversity will always have surprises for you. Like an average day in our largest city-if you don’t like it right now, just give it a little while, it’s sure to change!


About Sam Higham

In an ongoing battle with the future, and a nostalgia for the past, Sam Higham’s music is familiar yet unpredictable.

Higham’s solo project was born in a dark damp flat, in the outer suburbs of Wellington, New Zealand, covering subjects of corruption, conversation, confusion, loss, purpose, and helplessness. Taking on the role of an entire band himself, the 26 year old plays all the instruments featured on his upcoming debut album Jam Fish set to release late 2023.

Sam Higham first made a name for himself in Wellington's music scene as the drummer/keyboardist for alt rock band Pale Lady. After forming in 2016 the band released two well received EP’s and a collection of singles. In 2017 the band succeeded in winning NZ’s Battle of the Bands competition, leading to an international tour through Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

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Jam Fish
Year: 2023
Type: Album

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