4 Dec 2023

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  • Gig Review: Catherine Bullock + Danica Bryant + Jeline @ Valhalla, Wellington - 12/07/2023

Gig Review: Catherine Bullock + Danica Bryant + Jeline @ Valhalla, Wellington - 12/07/2023

13 Jul 2023 // A review by Sharne Molloy-Turpin
These three artists brought something divinely emotional to Valhalla on Wednesday night. Each of these Wellington-based artists had something to say and a lot of friends to say it to.

It was Catherine Bullock to started off our night with their indie-pop arrangements and raw alternative lyrics. Catherine wrote songs from the age of 11 and now they have a collection of powerful ballads about growing up, love and heartbreak. What stood out for me was the song Keep Your Distance, and they mentioned to us that they had changed the lyrics three days prior which I found to be a bold and fun move. And when I found out that they are inspired by The Beths and Big Thief, it made a lot of sense to me. There was also a song called Petals, which was reminiscent of Hozier's song Cherry Wine. As I turned my head to the left I found there were hanging sunflowers above the bar in luminescent white lights and it seemed to align with what I was hearing. My particular favourite lyric was “Hope does more than smile at me”.

Then adding to the magnitude of this triple threat of artists was Danica Bryant. She was gritty and beautifully stormy in her songwriting. It has been said her music is “All hard guitar and pain-filled howl” (The Hook NZ). She also has a handful of EPs and Singles that exhibit her courageous sound. When she stepped onto the stage and jumped into her first song before even introducing herself, it was like she already said “You will now listen to me, Danica Bryant.” Her song Crush had a strong and honest message about the dangers of being a woman in the music industry. I felt the song held a very rare and important topic that should be talked about more. Danica also played an acoustic version of a hyperpop song called Apologise which she created in collaboration with Boy Virgo, who is another New Zealand artist.

And like a crescendo that rounded off the night, we heard from Jeline. Accompanied by her band, Jeline is known for fusing several genres like indie, RnB, gospel and hip-hop. What stood out most for me was her avid devotion to doing covers of some great popular songs including Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo and Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish. Jeline bounced around the stage effortlessly in black pigtails under vibrant blue lights. Just like the other two artists she knew how to get the crowd's attention and sustain it. We were lucky enough to hear an upcoming single that is yet to be released called Time Stop and I believe it particularly showed Jeline’s vocal talents.

It is always a highlight for me when local music artists do a raw and honest performance. It was a treat to spend my Wednesday night listening to these three talented females. The audience engagement was so affectionate and each performer had such a lovely attitude that every one of us felt warm by the end of the night.


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