30 Sep 2023

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Underwire - Single Review: Gravity

25 May 2023 // A review by taffynz

I like Underwire. I've been privileged to catch this Wellington-based punk/indie band live a number of times, going back a few years. Yep - these guys have certainly done their time and have earned your attention.

Lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Johnny Mills is a bad ol' punk rocker from waaaaay back, and I know the guy means every word, every chord, every on-stage snarl. Go see them. Buy Johnny a drink, because he's one of the most approachable, genuine people you're likely to meet.

Their single Gravity was recorded in 2021 (yes, while the world was in turmoil - not that it ain't still, but hey...) at Massey School of Music in the capital. Recorded by Mike Gibson and Robbie Pattinson (no, he's not a sparkly skinned vampire, I'm assured) and mastered by the legendary Scott Seabright, Underwire has delivered a 21st Century punk anthem. I can see this going over incredibly well in their high energy, in your face live show.

What did I get from it? Mark Hamill and Steve Tremewan (drums and bass respectively) deliver a thunderous yet deep and sinister opening which retains its vibe and mood throughout. Johnny and Spike, the twin guitar, twin vocal front of house alongside Jane Brimblecombe on BVs, thrust a menacing melody that sent me straight into the post-punk scene of the late 70's a la Magazine and Joy Division. This is not suggesting the song is a rip off or a retro of the New Wave, but the dark energy oozing from it puts one in the same mood as visuals and sounds from that oh so fey time.

The lyrics tell a tale of impulsive attractions that swiftly go stale, bad situations that protract via self-doubt and co-dependence. A wonderfully nasty song, great writing, great orchestration and performance, quality studio activities making it what the band definitely wanted it to be. Check it out if this genre is up your alley. Check them out if you get the chance. It's out on parole on Friday 26th May.

Greed's been crowned the new king!

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Underwire

Underwire was born in 2010 from Pixies tribute 'Proxies' in happy collision with Wazzo Clash. Finding a rapport and chemistry from their cover band work, Underwire play punchy indie pop & rock, with all the band writing and developing uplifting, catchy songs that are in your head when you wake up. Re-emerging in 2020 with new songs and a leaning toward the stormy side of surf rock, Underwire recorded at Massey School of Music in 2021 with Mike Gibson & Robbie Pattinson, and in May 2023 began releasing singles remixed and mastered by production wizard Scott Seabright, with help from independent label PlasticGroove HQ

Underwire is a group of seasoned musicians with hundreds of gigs under their collective belts.

Indie is good. Recordings & releases to come!

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