28 May 2024

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Rust NZ - Single Review: Connection

18 Apr 2023 // A review by Peter K Malthus

OK, full disclosure: I stuck my hand up for this review, because I know Kyle Hawkes (vocals) personally. I jammed with Kyle a few years ago, when he was still finding his feet as a vocalist. Even then, his voice was powerful and compelling. I was stoked when I saw on social media that he'd finally found a band to front, and Rust have been working hard making their presence known in the Christchurch scene since.

Until now, I'd only heard Kyle singing covers, which he always absolutely nailed. But Sweet Mother of Zeus, I wasn't quite expecting what I heard on Connection. This is a song that many will relate to, a song of the basic, fundamental yearning humans have to connect with one another. The lyrics are beautifully poignant, without slipping into cheesiness or cliché. Kyle has not only written from the heart, but delivers this wonderful vocal performance with every fibre of his being. And, oh MATE, the harmonies! Especially at around the 4 minute mark when he really digs deep, the high harmony gives me goosebumps every time.

However, it's not all about Kyle. His bandmates back his vocals beautifully. Rust proudly wear on their sleeves that they're influenced by "The Golden Age of the true greats of grunge", but on Connection, one gets a sense of a band finally realizing that they're finding their own sound, and what a sound it is. This is a mature offering from such a young band. Superbly understated backing from the skills of Angus (drums), Hayden (Bass), and another Kyle (guitar). This is a band with a sense of direction and purpose, every member obviously listening to the other three, in an effort to make the best music they can.

If you like honest, earthy rock & roll with passion and drive, do yourself a solid and go listen to Connection.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Rust NZ

Rust is a 4-piece rock band formed in late 2020. Their sound is heavily influenced by 90's Grunge, Alternative and Punk Rock bands from the era, with their own modern twist on what they create.

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