29 Feb 2024

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TheSlacks - Single/Video Review: Information Ape

20 Feb 2023 // A review by Nicholas Clark

TheSlacks latest single Information Ape starts off with a sweet melody that reminds me of a 50's doowop band like The Penguins. Over the top of this some digital noises such as phones ringing and switches changing lines establishes the vibe or both sincere, innocent beginnings and hectic modern life. Out of the murky beeps comes an effected voice; 'If a generation, can find the inspiration, just a little more information please.'

There is a beautiful addition of instruments including honky-tonk piano, gently strummed guitars and lively bass and drums that altogether create the impression TheSlacks are fans of Bob Dylan and other folk acts who turned to bubbly radio-friendly rock in the early 70's.

'You can speak to people, and you can catch the sequel, `but if your life is like a flickering screen' is the next line before the band joins. Watching the video as well which features some amazing AI art (courtesy of either Night Cafe Creator perhaps) of chimps joining humanity in various situations and joining society in a myriad of roles. I would be very interested to see what prompt they gave the generator, but many images do seem to be more violent than the music.

Once the band joins there is a distinctive rock n' roll style that is reminiscent of Don McLean, Bill Withers and post-folk Dylan. It's a little predictable, but enjoyable, nonetheless. The lyrics which comment on surveillance, Big Brother, petrol prices and information (more than a few times on that last word) are of our times and speak not of paranoia but of a slight wry, knowing irony that there isn't much you can do in these circumstances. The apathy of the lyrics and the stylings of instruments give the track a bit of a blues feeling, but this is subtle.

The song reaches a climax with 'ride the wave with me, looks like its breaking any day!' which is of course a hint of a societal collapse. A tasty acoustic solo and a Hey Jude like sing-a-long finishes the song with a slowed down chorus at the end.

Great in a bar setting, I'm sure, and a brilliant ending track to a night out with a live band; but the song itself sounds eerily familiar from my parents vinyl collection.

Is that a bad thing? Depends on what you think of modern music, whether you're tired of the same melodies or you think we've lost our way... Check out the video anyway if you're a fan of AI generated craziness, there's a lot to appreciate.

Rating: ( 3 / 5 )

About TheSlacks

Taranaki four piece TheSlacks are stoked to share their brand new single Big Aroha with Aotearoa.

Big Aroha germinated in Marky Armstrong’s school years after a poignant discussion with his mate Joe at the bus stop outside the Inglewood dairy, about the importance of community and manaakitanga - a conversation that stayed with him over the years and finally coalesced into a song.

Peppered with Te Reo and celebrating strong community ties and deep roots, Big Aroha is a nod to Poi E and a modern Taranaki response to our times.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for TheSlacks


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