17 Jun 2024

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Kiero - Single Review: Kiero

07 Nov 2022 // A review by Steve Shyu
Kiero, a relatively new three-piece from Tamaki Makaurau, made up of musicians who are definitely not new to creating colourful noise. There is Michael Collier on keyboards, Jin Song on bass, and bandmate as well as a great friend of mine, Grant Kirkpatrick on drums.

While this may be the band’s first official single, there is a good amount of material Kiero have on hand that are planned for release in the near future, so this is the mere start of a new age for the trio.

With an accompanying artwork as cryptic as one provided with this self-titled single, there really is no telling what one could expect. What do all the paint swirls, bright glares that pierce through layers of earthen colours represent?

The piece begins with a gigantic wall of sound; Jin Song’s fierce, incendiary guitars and synths wash over the listener, as Grant Kirkpatrick’s unforgiving blast beats pummels one into a stupor. Where there have been comparisons between Kiero and Deafheaven, right within the first thirty seconds, it’s easy to hear why one might suggest this.

Not only does Jin’s clean singing remind me of Deftones’s singer Chino Moreno, but his vocal quality also resembles that of several tracks from 2005’s Team Sleep, a side project also spearheaded by Chino Moreno. The guest singer I’m hearing in my head may be Rob Crow, but I’m not certain.

Personally, there's one guitar riff halfway through the track that sounds extra delicious to me, twirling away while the drums dive into a groovier rhythm. I seem to recall being told by drummer Grant the “guitars” on this song are actually bass strings wound onto a normal guitar, which would explain the power behind that wall of sound.

The production sounds magnificent, even though everything appears to be turned to eleven. The organ-esque synths evoke a doom-laden feel, the basslines swirl and punch interchangeably. In keeping with the guitars and bass, Jin’s vocals switch craftily between full-throated to softly-crooned, helping emphasise the passages of the piece.

Though atmospheric in places, make no mistake - This track is intended to aurally assault, or at the very least, make listeners stop what they’re doing and pay attention.

Admittedly, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this track before; I managed to catch this song played live last month at Ding Dong Lounge, with guitar player Dil Harre in place of Michael, as per this review by Kev Rowland.

A bit of Avant Garde? For sure. Is it metal? Arguably. Could it be classed as post-rock? If it had a longer intro then definitely. For lovers of alternative rock who aren’t afraid of experimental aspects blended in, Kiero is not one to be missed.

Listen to Kiero’s Kiero on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Kiero

Kiwi-Korean songwriter Jin Song has conspired with Michael Collier (keys) and Grant Kirkpatrick (drums) to take you to a dark place somewhere between Deftones, Deafheaven, a Francis Bacon painting, and a literal fever dream.

They play a live show with dark synths, a 6 string bass, and a beat that grooves from hip-hop to black metal, that would feel at home in a Deathgrips crowd, or a Dir En Grey mosh. They have played alongside locals such as The First Child and are currently sitting on a back catalogue of songs that will be released quarterly

Please contact the band via their social media or email: [email protected]

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