6 Dec 2022

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Dead Beat Boys - Album Review: Dead Beat Boys

01 Oct 2022 // A review by Kev Rowland

I’ve always had a soft spot for punk, ever since it exploded in the UK and my dad told me he would kick me out if he ever found any of that music in my collection. I was just 14 when the Pistols were due to play in the next town over (they were banned instead), and it was the most exciting thing to happen in the local music scene until 1980 when Genesis kicked off their national tour with two dates in Paignton. One reason why I favour British punk over American (except Ramones who are of course in a genre all their own) is because there is a reality within it, a realism which the bubblegum of Blink 182 and others has never managed to achieve. But out of the popular American punk bands there has been one which has impressed me over the last 30 years or so, as they have managed to keep it real while also providing fun tunes, The Offspring. Why do I mention them in a review of Auckland quintet Dead Beat Boys? Because they have taken The Offspring as inspiration, thrown in a dose of classic Kiwi rock and created something which is all their own

Pick a song, any song, and there is a driving beat and pumping bass with two guitars providing the buzzsaw riffs and short but perfectly formed solos, and then over the top is James Fitz riding the powerhouse with ease. Somehow, I have managed to miss seeing them play (I see they were down to do some gigs with Dead Favours last year, that would have been awesome!), but given the energy coming through this they must be absolutely immense live. They have the tongue in cheek humour which was always prevalent with The Clash, with Shigood containing doo wop, while they are doing their best London punk impression with Die In Hell Ska.

Everything about this album is designed to make the listener smile as it is so much fun! 12 songs, 38 minutes in length, here we have a band who sound as if they could have been recorded live in the studio, yet the arrangements contain plenty of space and are considered, although I do expect this to be far more brutal at a gig. We get clips of the guys talking to each other on some songs, yet this is a polished album by a band who are incredibly tight. The melodies are intricate, and although some of punk’s most famous protagonists could hardly play a note (yes Sid), these guys prove that punk does not have to be 4 chords, heads down and meet at the end, as here are 12 songs showing they really know what they are about with a huge variety of material.

Anyone who wants classic punk combined with pumping hard melodic rock combined with clever lyrics and attitude off the wall, then this is essential. Now where’s the gig?

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Dead Beat Boys

Dead Beat Boys fuse punk intensity with classic-rock riffs, all strung together in a show uncontainable by the stage.

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Dead Beat Boys
Year: 2022
Type: Album
Very Live
Year: 2019
Type: EP

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