5 Oct 2022

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Stu J - Single Review: Hyper Slow

19 Sep 2022 // A review by Steve Shyu
Aotearoa-born producer, DJ and musician Stu J is a self-confessed lover of electronic music. Under his mononym, he has created and released up to three singles over the past two years, including the light and airy We Love The Moonlight, and the soundscape-heavy Destination Unknown. And now Stu J is back with his newest and latest, Hyper Slow.

Quirky-sounding keyboards and a plodding drumbeat pave the way for some deft and clever synth lines.

Utilising that half-sung, half-spoken vocal style really brings to mind electro-rock indie acts that dominated the last half of the 2000’s. Thanks to Stu J’s vocal register, there were moments where the verses sounded like Eminem, with a playful lilt here and there à la Anthony Kiedis of the early 90’s.

Guitar strums are the primary source of the organic-sounding groove, while a steady four-on-the-floor drum beat drives the song at a walking pace. There’s some beautiful guitar phrases, and a couple of tasteful doodles by way of guitar solos.

Though there are layers of guitar work, it’s the keyboards and synths that’s filling out the background, making the tune more engaging than without.

Lyrically, one can only imagine the song is about a psychedelic experience:

Have you got the right stuff

to make this light speed journey up ahead

a pleasant one that I won’t forget?

Yep, I stand corrected.

After repeated listens, and comparing with Stu J’s other releases, what seems to be missing from the track is an earworm melody or a solid pop hook. One could argue the chanted Simplify! Like flyin’ through the sky! could be considered catchy enough to be a sufficient hook.

On the other hand, if the songwriting is good and there’s enough danceable grooves, then perhaps a hook really isn’t essential!

In any case, Hyper Slow is a fun wee bop, and will sit very comfortably in a playlist of indie electro-rock. Not only that, one could definitely envisage this song performed live on a sunny afternoon at a Music in Parks, for example, with friends and families all grooving along in a domain.

Alternatively, one could also pop this on headphones, go for a leisurely stroll, making sure to go Hyper Slow.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Stu J

A kiwi-born musician, producer and DJ.
Stu J loves to create energetic, up-beat indie-dance songs which have an electronic feel, but still include the best parts of rock and pop. His current music feels similar to artists like MGMT and Empire of the Sun.

Lately, Stu has been inspired by artists like Monolink and Ben Bohmer who produce and create live performances with electronic dance music. This is a goal of Stu as he refines his musical production and live sound.

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