9 Jun 2023

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Josie Moon - Album Review: Paint Me How You Need Me

09 Jun 2022 // A review by Danica Bryant

Independent Wellington artist Josie Moon’s debut album Paint Me How You Need Me is a highly conceptual, artistic alt-pop exploration, questioning identity, and the search to be perfect for others. With a voice full of childlike innocence and yet deepfelt cynicism, Moon establishes herself as an unmissable artist emerging on the scene.

Dreamy opener This Time (rewind) introduces the album’s surreal production by Art Heist, dragging listeners deep into the visionary world of Paint Me How You Need Me. Spoken word voice recordings splatter the record, providing a sense of personal closeness to the artist, and insight into her anxieties and conversations with trusted friends. Standout track Victor Hotel is bouncy and bright, musing on the cyclical nature of pain and happiness. It features a biting spoken word bridge that allows Moon’s attitude to shine.

The album’s title track is another highlight. Moon’s anger appears almost bursting at the seams, working with building dynamic production and a hip-hop inspired, house-like edge. Similarly, the fizzing beat of Never Die sees her spitting out a chorus so catchy, you’d be forgiven for missing that its lyrics actually narrate Moon’s grief over a loved one’s suicide attempt. It’s a heartfelt moment defining her brand of melding emotional introspection with such explosive alternative beats. Only a few tracks later, she’s much softer on Raindrop Interlude, a haunting, whispered number with an ethereal ambience. 

Throughout the record, Josie Moon’s lyrics are noticeably emotionally abstract. Occasional mentions of festivals, hotels and high school memories bring some personality, but it can be hard to grasp consistent imagery, both due to her language's mysterious nature and her affected vocal delivery. But in many ways, this makes it clear Moon's goal for her music is to create a strong sense of feeling, rather than tell specific stories. As one of the album’s songs aptly declares, Josie Moon doesn’t need you to speak on her thoughts — just listen.

Paint Me How You Need Me is a sweeping, expressive full-length introduction to Josie Moon and her collaborative work with Art Heist. They’re a pair so skilled at their craft, it’s dangerous, and it’s clear Moon is an artist with plenty to say.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Josie Moon

25 year old Josie Moon is a singer-songwriter from Wellington, New Zealand. With a hypnotic and timeless approach to edgy pop music, Josie presents a fascinating combination of genres and influences to promote themes of self-exploration and healing to her audience.

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Paint Me How You Need Me
Year: 2022
Type: Album

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