27 May 2022

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David Sutton - Album Review: X

11 Mar 2022 // A review by Darryl Baser

Wellington based songwriter David Sutton has been regularly releasing albums of his original songs for a good few years now. This year he’s changed tack a bit and released a covers album.

X opens up in a bold way, with the ABBA classic Knowing Me, Knowing You. It is a faithful version, kind of reminding me of a cross between the original and the version done by Flying Nun band Superette on the compilation Abbasalutley.

What becomes apparent throughout David Sutton’s X album is that with each song, he’s made it his own; if the majority of the songs weren’t very well known songs, it would sound like another of his albums. He is a master of his own style.

The second song Name of The Game, isn’t another ABBA song, I think having it follow an ABBA song is both a stroke of genius, and an amusing wrong-footing move. It totally made me smile. The composition, especially in the pre-chorus, reminds me of a Robbie Williams melodic turn of phrase. I googled, but couldn’t get past ABBA or The Chemical Brothers songs of the same name.

By the time David launches into David Bowie’s Heroes, it is clear theses are songs he’s loved singing for a while. His take on this Bowie classic is credible. You can really hear his passion for the song as he really leans away from the microphone during the part about halfway through where he, like Bowie in the original, goes up and octave and pretty close to shouting. He does every part of this tune very well, vocal harmonies, ‘that’ classic guitar hook, which swims in and out of the song all included well.

Show Your Love, well I don’t know who wrote it, but I just don’t like it. It is a wonderful sentiment, which granted the world really needs now, and maybe if it was pumped into the Kremlin Mr Putin might withdraw and apologize, but I doubt it. However, I digress. A redeeming part is the vocal effect near the end, which makes me think of Lesley speaker.

The Black Sabbath song Changes is beautifully done, with maybe more of a lean toward the version Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne recorded. It is a beautiful song, which David Sutton does very well.

David's take on the Rolling Stones song Wildfire is pretty damn good too.

One of my favourite songs on the album is the Dragon classic April Sun in Cuba. Sutton is like a one-man Dragon, and his vocal on this frequently sung-along-with slice of fried Kiwi gold is pretty damn flash.

Rating: ( 3 / 5 )

About David Sutton

David writes and records songs.

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