27 May 2022

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Ella Minehan - Single Review: Lavender Hearts

07 Mar 2022 // A review by Danica Bryant

A despondent story of lost love boldly released the week of Valentine's Day, Christchurch pop-R&B singer Ella Minehan shines on her latest single Lavender Hearts. The track is an easy yet affecting tune, which somehow sounds exactly like its titular colour, lavender, if colours could be heard. 

Minehan's voice is smooth and emotive, sailing through Lavender Hearts’ melodies as they move between dark moody verses to ethereal choruses. The wordless vocal layering of the song's bridge and outro are particularly special, demanding a focused listen with quality headphones as well as a blast over the stereo on a late night drive. Minehan works well with Wellington producer Yohan De Silva, who knows exactly how to emphasise the bittersweet romance of the song's narrative. The pair capture a deliciously dreamy and relaxed vibe in this track, though this does come at the expense of the song's dynamic range — Minehan's artistic promise is so evident that it's hard not to leave Lavender Hearts wanting more.

Driven by glossy guitars, gentle percussion and Ella Minehan's buttery vocals, Lavender Hearts is a beautiful release. This song may see Minehan searching for somebody knew, but lovers of synth pop and silky R&B will have already found new love in her music.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Ella Minehan

Growing up on a small farm on the outskirts of Christchurch, 21 year-old singer songwriter Ella Minehan (born Ella Fitzgerald) spent her childhood discovering the joys of music without limitation. Born with a big voice (and a bigger name to contend with), she experimented with song writing and performing from age three - including designing her own stages. She grew her passion through high school performances and productions, going on to complete a Bachelor of Commercial Music at Massey University in 2021. After a brief stint on 2021 TV show Popstars - where she made it through to NZ's Top 21 and her song writing skills were highlighted as "particularly impressive" - Minehan is ready to officially make a name for herself in the industry (Stuff, 2021).

Describing herself as a Pop/RnB vocalist with a big belt, she credits powerhouses like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Aretha Franklin for helping her love her voice. “I grew up thinking I had to sound sweet and feminine. As I got older, I realised having a deep, womanlike voice was also a gift – these female vocal titans helped me love this part of myself.”

Minehan isn’t afraid to put in the work to succeed, having trained vocally since age nine to one day perfect her technique. Asthmatic since birth, she spent summers running while singing to build up lung strength and better breath support. Some might think this condition would disadvantage her vocally. Minehan doesn’t agree. She sees it as a challenge to keep overcoming in pursuit of her goals - which she knows she can only achieve through putting the work in.

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