13 Jun 2024

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East York - EP Review: Origins

28 Jan 2022 // A review by [email protected]
East York (Daz Coppins, Tarquin Keys, Zane Rosanoski, Eric Boucher) are an international amalgam of band members hailing from one part of the world, and living in another, with a Kiwi link. If their Origins EP is anything to go by, the band is certainly blessed with an international calibre. Self-produced, but recorded by the ineffable Tom Larkin, Origins takes any number of influences and blends them into a polished and unique sound that I’m sure many a rock and metal listener will find instantly endearing.

The opening exchanges of Outsiders reveals the searing attack of all the instruments, beautifully recorded and hitting with the maximum amount of energy while being comfortable to listen to. Outsiders, is an American rock anthem mixed with progressive metal elements - Think Like A Storm in a bar fight with Mastadon. The song gives way to a straight-up metal breakdown to let the listener know that East York are not playing cute with genre associations. 

To Kill The Sun brings an alternative metal vibe, highlighting some huge guitar riffs from Daz Coppins. The band blends pop rock elements with legitimately metal moments, and it is really working. They have found their own sound, and it is a unique one. Drummer Zane Rosanoski is on fire, about to kick out the skins on his bass drum. 

Circus brings back the mastodon influence, particularly in the chorus, and here we see some dance rock drums, blended with metal riffs and bookended by some curious electronic elements. In Damned Anthem, the vocal talents of Tarquin Keys shine through. This track is a little more straight forward, allowing the audience to take a breath, after being submerged in the unique prog-pop-metal blend that the group has achieved over the front half of this record.

King of Persuasion lays some fearsome metal claims, with scream-driven vocals, slick ride-bell grooves and a punishing overall sound. American rock and metal influences are worn on the sleeves of this song (Add Pantera to the mix).

On to the final track, Devil You Know. Here, the AIC vocal harmonies soar once again, and the kick drum again pounds away relentlessly. Rosanoski bounces between metal and rock rhythms, as well as dance rock grooves. The bass guitar playing of Eric Boucher has the perfect tonal blend of sub and click. As someone who is on their own journey as a producer, this record sets a benchmark for me, sonically speaking.

East York has put together a record that is, frankly, world class. If all goes as it should, we will be seeing this band in the billboard charts alongside other notable Kiwi exports such as Like A Storm and Black Smoke Trigger. If not this record, then perhaps the next. In the meantime, if you’re a rock and metal fan, don’t miss this release as it is absolutely worth your time.
Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About East York

From a normal start to a pandemic release, East York brings you their first ever single Outsiders.

When talking about the new track, Tarquin (Vocalist) says: "Outsiders is a tribute to the ones who walk on the outside of society. It speaks to those of us who play the game of life on our own terms and, who don't care to swim with the tide." It is always a journey of discovery when starting a new band but East York have found their grounding in Rock.

Their debut single will have you yearning for more and we can confirm, there is more to come.

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Year: 2021
Type: EP

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