6 Feb 2023

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Dylan Storey - Single/Video Review: Foreign Sands

30 Nov 2021 // A review by Trevor Faville

Dylan Storey is based in Auckland and is the kind of musician who steadfastly treads his own path, be it as a contributing guitarist for the likes of Reb Fountain and Fleur Jack, or working in a variety of pro bands- as well as writing and releasing his own work.

Storey maintains an impressive work rate and eclectic output. As such his original work is always welcome when it appears. The music he makes has always carried itself with wit, charm, and a sense of it being comfortable within its own skin.

No less Foreign Sands, then. This tune is built around an effective melodic and harmonic structure with an intelligent lyrical sensibility. Just on these ‘bare bones’ alone, this is an effective and convincing song. Foreign Sands is a lyrical exploration of family and history, and works as an evocative expression of a growing awareness of the past. A carefully sympathetic arrangement and choice of instrumental timbres - using a combination of ‘real’ flute and a mellotron flute as well as a solo synth gives just a touch of Strawberry Fields without overdoing it - means that the arrangement has that essential ‘lift’ without getting in the way of the song itself, and credit is due to some tasteful and supportive playing from Dave Khan (Violin, Viola, Synths, Mellotron), Gareth Scott (Drums), Chip Matthews (Bass) and Brendon Morrow (piano).

The overall result is a compelling song, enhanced by a sensitive and intelligent arrangement. Foreign Sands rewards many listens, and is a worthy addition to Dylan Storey’s canon.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Dylan Storey

Dylan Storey is an Auckland based guitarist, singer songwriter. Known for lending guitar and vocals to several other projects including Reb Fountain's band, Dylan also writes and records his own music.

Dylan has a new 5-song EP coming out on August 15th titled Phobos and Deimos.
It is a collection of 5 songs that could loosely be defined as laid back progressive rock with a dreamy psychedelic mood and an introspective leaning. Recorded in New Zealand and mixed in Texas by McKenzie Smith of Midlake at Midlake’s studio, the songs focus on rich sonic textures and forward-facing retro moods. Lyrics are a mixture of personal sentiment and general nerdery, while the music features elements of guitar rock with strong tinge of yacht rock.

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Phobos and Deimos
Year: 2019
Type: EP
The Power of Suggestion
Year: 2012
Type: EP
Out Of The Soup
Year: 2009
Type: Album

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