29 Sep 2022

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This Silent Divide - EP Review: Tall Stories

31 Oct 2021 // A review by Kev Rowland

I first came across Wellington-based melodic rock band This Silent Divide last month when they released the excellent single Lucinda, so when I heard they would be playing in Auckland and also releasing an EP I of course signed up for both. While the gig may have been postponed due to a certain lockdown (hopefully they will make it up here next year), the 4-track EP has still been released, which is what I am now listening to. Formed in 2018, the band comprises Shaun Jones (vocals, guitar), Kieran Williams (lead guitar, backing vocals), Peter Stitt (bass, backing vocals), and Sunil Jolly (drums), and they kick up a mighty fun melodic rock sound which is bound to get people moving.

In My Life kicks off with just one riffing distorted guitar in the background until the rest of the guys join in, and it is packed full of energy, so much so that I soon realized just how much they were reminding me of Dead Favours. There is a pop element to this as well, so there are times when it is just one guitar, with Sunil hitting the snare with both sticks at the same time, and the swapping of riffs between speakers is an old trick but still great to hear when it is pulled off like this. Feedback and distortion lead into a short but perfectly formed guitar solo, and one can just “see” the crowd going mad at Dead Witch. The new single, Don’t Give Up, again starts with a single guitar and this has much more of an Oasis feel about it. Somehow, they manage to give us wall to wall riffs mixed with pop which takes the edge off without softening it too much, so people can mosh if they want to, as well as joining in the infectious chorus. This song has a lot of contrast within it, with plenty of softness as well as times when both guitars are riffing hard.

Eyes has a similar repeated background riff to the song before, yet with a more jangly approach. We even get handclaps on this one, but although this does get going when it hits the chorus, the verse is missing some oomph and doesn’t have quite the same impact as the others. We end with Lucinda, a song I have raved about when it was released a single and my opinion still holds, in that it is a great track with hints of Coldplay. There is a very strong use of dynamics within this song, as well as plenty of emotion and a hugely layered arrangement which makes for a very powerful closer indeed.

Overall, this is a great introduction to the guys, and I am both looking forward to seeing them play and hopefully hearing a full album from them some time in the not-too-distant future. If you enjoy wall to wall anthemic rock that also contains pop melodies and is a guaranteed good time, then this is it.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About This Silent Divide

Formed in 2018, This Silent Divide are regulars on the Wellington live music scene, bringing their style of driving melodic rock to crowds around the city. 2021 has seen the band play a range of shows, including the iconic CubaDupa festival, before heading into the studio in June to record the Tall Stories EP.

Tall Stories features the singles Lucinda (out 1 October) and Don’t Give Up and will be released on 1 November, and supported by a 5-date North Island Tour.

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Tall Stories
Year: 2021
Type: EP

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