29 Sep 2021

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PRINS - Gig Review: PRINS @ Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin - 31/07/2021

01 Aug 2021 // A review by Darryl Baser

Solo guy Alex Dykes opens up the evening using a kick drum trigger for a regular thump, an acoustic guitar, and a voice which is well-worn beyond his years. As he begins playing those who were hanging out in the cafe come through. He's got the making of a one man pop hit factory. His second song flows on from the first at a similarly quick tempo. He's a big fan of playing at about 140-160 bpm

Lyrically Dykes’ songs seem to be more about rhythm and melody, than any great sense of meaning. The third song seemed to be a bitter break up song featuring the words: "I pity the fool who falls in love with you." He seemed eager to impress tonight, and with a producer and polish Dykes could go far.

Molly Devine and drummer Maddy Parkins-Craig took to the stage. Molly's singing and electronic backing is being drowned out MPK's ride cymbal in the first song,

Rain is the third song of the set, and it’s obvious to hear her voice is hurting; it's definitely not up-to its usual brilliance, but she's still putting in a solid performance, being the professional she is.

Someone Like You is a charming love song which they deliver well. The crowd is swelling as their set progresses.

Before playing Call Me Up, she, with MPK providing a beat, schools the crowd of 30-50 on the dance moves which feature in the video. Most oblige and during the song and the venue looks like a Zumba class. Much fun and well-mannered frivolity, but yes time to give that wonderful voice a break my young friend.

Tonight is the last show of PRINS' Follow Me tour, and from the first song you can hear Alannah's voice is tired. Her full on or forget about it style of singing is fabulous to hear, but ‘belting’ night after night can get a bit much.

The PRINS band is a watertight and highly functioning unit, brought closer by touring, and they’re here to party.

All the ‘cool kids’ who stayed in the cafe have flooded through and from the second song all are up and dancing. Follow Me is a stone cold pop hit.

Tunes like Notion, Tell Me, 3am and Stay Away all have ‘banger’ quality, especially live when the band is clearly enjoying themselves. Each and every song could be a radio hit.

I Tried is another stunner which the band delivers so well, but again the hurt in her voice box is evident, as there are a couple of holes where notes should have been.

Alannah said; "I have incredible musicians on stage and I want to give them each a little moment," and so she left the stage and had a seat on the stairs which lead to the mezzanine above the stage for what's a massive introduction to Stay Away.

The tune Don't Say It, which PRINS released with Lee Mvtthews, has the band playing the drum and bass tune live. It’s the last song of the set, the band says their goodbyes, but the crowd’s chants of ‘one more song’ prompt a quick band discussion, before the band belts out Follow Me one last time before greeting fans and new-found friends. A fabulous end to the night and their tour.

Now Alannah, caring flamingo talking here, take some vocal rest, you've earned it.

Photo Credit: Andrew Mackay, Kea Photos
Molly Devine



PRINS kicked off 2020 with a bang playing in The Edge NYE Festival in Hagley Park, Christchurch with a record audience of 22,000 people. Recently returning from Auckland where she played alongside International acts in Highlife’s sold out Sunsetters Festival, she’s gearing up for her much anticipated dance-pop EP which shows a brand new side to the PRINS we’ve already seen.

This Auckland born singer/songwriter, dancer, actor and model has spent the past few years establishing herself with live performance experience in New Zealand and has no intention of leaving the industry any time soon. A sultry powerhouse described as a mix between Duo Lipa and Amy Winehouse, PRINS is one to watch out for in 2020.

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Year: 2020
Type: EP

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