10 Aug 2022

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Black Gravel City - Single Review: Internal Fix

24 Jun 2021 // A review by Kev Rowland

Internal Fix is the debut release from Auckland-based trio Black Gravel City, who describe themselves as metal/rock/metal which in terms of this song definitely makes sense. Formed just a year ago, the band comprise Hemi Sachin (drums, formerly Broken Season, Lakius, Order of Mammal), Kerry Cooper (guitars, vocals, formerly Djen, Order of Mammal, various cover bands) and Caz (bass and backing vocals, past groups Tegan, Sairalei, Madame Youth, Lakius). So although this band is new, it can be seen that the guys have been around the same scene for quite some time, with everyone having played with at least one other in the past.

This song is written from the viewpoint of someone undergoing heart surgery, and both commences and ends with the beeping of a monitor. Musically it starts with crunching riffs, double kick drums and vocals that are gruff and solid and one thinks that this is going to be a Sepultura-style metal number, but then we get to the bridge and suddenly we are in rock territory which has been influenced by the likes of Linkin Park, and there are even some keyboards. Here the vocals are far more melodic, with harmonies, and it is almost as if the leather-clad tattooed metallic monsters from the verse have been turned into something quite different indeed, almost as if they are ready for their Instagram moment.

When they are heavy, they have a solid groove, with hints of Meshuggah and Lamb of God, and one cannot help but get into the swing of it, but the way they turn it into something else works in a way which is difficult to comprehend. The song is four minutes in length and is metal/rock/metal/rock/metal, with those breakpoints being incredibly important in creating powerful dynamics and contrast. This contrast is certainly why this song stands out as much as it does, and it is strange to think that this is their debut release, as it is polished and so full of energy. Given that they are based in Tamaki Makaurau I can only hope that I get the opportunity to catch these guys at a gig soon as this is powering, dramatic and exciting.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

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