18 Aug 2022

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Max Earnshaw - Single Review: What We Made

04 Jun 2021 // A review by Steve Shyu
Renowned Auckland pop-rock musician Max Earnshaw is back again with the new single What We Made, released just last week. Muzic.net.nz’s Steve S. pressed play and explored Max’s latest makings!

Ah yes, the topic of a fleeting encounter that sprouts into an impactful relationship. This is something that's oft-sung about and a lot of people can relate to – The butterflies in one’s stomach, and the joy felt at each others’ presence. Conversely, heard at a similar frequency, are songs that recount the aftermath of when such relationships end, be it a short or long encounter. The song seems to touch on both the beginning and what sounds like an inevitable end. Max sings “I just wanna hold her closer when everything changes, except the past”, hinting at an unexpected outcome, with minor notes of remorse. Sigh. Who hasn’t been there before?

The verses are propped, almost note-for-note and beat-for-beat, by guitar chords, as though the singer is dancing down a bumpy footpath but ends up hopping from one pavement crack to the next. Now, the real reward comes with the chorus, where a delightful explosion of layered guitars, bass and drums swallows you, evoking a wholesome, uplifting and warm atmosphere reminiscent of early 2000’s Britpop. Here, in the choruses, Max’s vocals are enshrouded by the vast soundscape of guitars, making for a welcome embrace, counteracting the verses’ plodding rhythm.

Like the fleeting romance which Max’s lyrics seems to outline, the song begins and finishes without much of a prologue nor an epilogue. Granted, not all songs require an intro or outro, and one must applaud the approach in trying something unconventional. However, with choruses as lush-sounding as they are, one feels the bare strums of guitar chords or even a light drumbeat could have set the mood nicely prior to the vocals kicking in. This would ramp the song up, bridging it between verse and chorus. Similarly, at the conclusion of the song, even four bars of a simple drum rhythm could help bring things to a pleasant-sounding end. But perhaps this is the songwriter trying his hand at something non-traditional - Cutting fringes, keeping the start and end nice and clear.

What We Made is a warm, summery ballad that reflects on a close-ended relationship; a small celebration of one’s youth, with something of a “Ah well, they were good times, let’s move on” philosophy added. The instrumentation, though sparse in certain portions, is astounding to listen to, with the guitar and bass dynamics alone well worth listening to a dozen times over.

Stream Max Earnshaw’s new single What We Made on Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, or even better – Purchase on Bandcamp or iTunes!

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Max Earnshaw

Max Earnshaw is a 23-year old New Zealand artist creating a unique blend of Pop and Rock music. Influenced at an early age by bands like Kings Of Leon and Arctic Monkeys, he discovered a love for song crafting. He spent his childhood busking on the streets of Christchurch. Now based in Auckland, Max has released 5 singles with recognition across the NZ charts, Rock Radio and Media. Max absolutely smashes it live across NZ venues alongside rising artists like There's A Tuesday, Harry Parsons, The Raddlers and Geoff Ong.

His new rock single What We Made was recently released on the 21/5/2021 and has been featured on Rock Radio across the country and the U.S and featured on Media like muzic.net, NightOwl Promotions and 59Seconds. What We Made is about walking away from a relationship and everything that was built together, good and bad. This multi-layered song was created during the first 2020 lockdown.

His recent single Stay debuted at #12 on the Hot NZ Singles Chart. He made his radio debut on RNZ, KAOS FM, and Rock stations across the country with his sophomore single Lonely Love. He has made NZ media like The 13th Floor, Muzic.net, and BUZZMUSIC (U.S). His debut video (Temporarily), featured an international collaboration with LA based smoke bomb artist – ‘Skeleton of Colour’. And Max’s latest summer single Love It When You Hate Me had a headline show that was reviewed favourably by The 13th Floor.

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