19 May 2022

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Rose Lubransky - Single Review: Head Over Heels

18 May 2021 // A review by Danica Bryant

Wellington’s indie dream girl Rose Lubransky’s latest bedroom pop single, Head Over Heels, is another unique production with home producer and frequent collaborator BushJungle. The song is undoubtedly catchy, with a more anthemic structure and sound than their preceding work.

Lyrically, Lubransky’s exploration of a modern day crush perfectly narrates both the excitement of romance, and the embarrassment of feeling vulnerable as a result. Her imagined scenes of “running through flower fields” are quickly followed up with the self-deprecating admission that she may be too “cheesy”, answering the niche of young people today’s almost satirical views upon love.

Lubransky and BushJungle’s production embraces its homemade stylings. The song focuses on the jaunty tone and rhythm of the electric guitar, whilst featuring the simple electronic drum beats and easy backing vocals common to the indie genre. Whilst the vocals may be slightly over-distorted at times, Lubransky’s voice ultimately carries the track with a genuine sense of joy, and it is clear that the pair delivered on a specific creative vision. One of Lubransky’s cited influences, Clairo, is the most direct comparison to be made.

What Head Over Heels does best is set the glittery atmosphere its lyrics dream up. For fans of bedroom pop, Rose Lubransky’s latest effort is worth the listen, blending well with the era of Soundcloud discographies and lo-fi production aesthetics.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Rose Lubransky

Rose Lubransky is an independent indie/bedroom pop artist from Wellington, New Zealand. She is influenced by Clairo, Harry Styles, Fleetwood Mac and MAY-A. Although her sound is still quite unique with its pop-punk, indie rock influences. She has been making music and playing shows for around 7 years. Her music is very reminiscent and sometimes political. She likes to promote female empowerment with body standards and by making sure her shows and music are inclusive of multi-genders. As an Up and Coming artist, Rose has made big waves in the underground music scene, even making it onto the iTunes top 100 in New Zealand.

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