28 Nov 2022

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Coridian - Single/Video Review: Wicked Game

09 May 2021 // A review by Carl Hayman

Well well well, the boys in Coridian have been at it again. Their new release is an absolute banger!

Throwback to 1989 when rock was in its heyday, Chris Isaak released Wicked Game, which in 1990 featured in the film Wild at Heart, and which saw it move to number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. Coridian have taken Wicked Game and put their own unique spin on it as only Coridian can do. Suddenly, this typically American alternative 90’s style rock song has been morphed by the boys into a huge 2020’s rock ballad. Don’t ask me how they have made this song bigger than huge, but damn, they did it. 

I’ve heard plenty of other Coridian tunes, and most of their work alongside producer Zorran Mendonsa is distinctively catchy for a heavy band. If you ever get the chance to see them play live, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. They are inimitable. I can’t really label their sound, because they sort of sit into this musical genre gap that is heavier than pop rock, heavier than grunge, more catchy than alternative, but not quite metal. 

I pulled the original Chris Isaak for a comparison, and now I hate it. I will never listen to the original again in my life because Coridian just simply did it better. Do me a favour, once you get to 2 minutes 20, turn the volume as loud as you can get away with, then tell me you disagree. 

Some would argue it’s not the same guitar without the bluesy slide guitar, but in-fact, the song is better without it. Respect to the way Kris and Mike have filled this gap with a riffy drum beat that carries the song, and then the guitar subtly carrying through hints of the original tune to tie it back to the Chris Isaak smash hit. Dity’s voice layers the tune both soulfully and powerfully. His ability to put his own distinct vocals to an old tune, in a total new way wraps the entire song into a complete tune and seals the deal. 

As far as covers go, there is only a few I would dare mention that have been done well. One was when Silence the City covered Burn by Ellie Goulding, the other was when Shihad put their spin on Split Enz I Got You. Is it acceptable for me to say that for me these all rate better a long way better than the original? For me Wicked Game covered by Coridian has just joined those ranks (imagine being compared to NZ rock royalty Shihad right?).

Do yourself a favour, and add this to your Spotify playlist!

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Coridian

Coridian is an progressive hard rock group from Auckland, New Zealand. Formed in 2015, the band consists of Mike Raven (Guitar), Kris Raven (Drums), Nick Raven (Bass) & Dity Maharaj (Vocals).

They’ve been described, “Raven brothers (Mike, Kris and Nick respectively) work as a well-oiled machine; the gear box of which is Maharaj, his vocals taking the band from a hum to a scream within seconds” (Ambient Light).

They've worked with some of the best names in NZ and Australian music including Zorran Mendonsa (City Of Souls, Shepherds Reign)) Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Claemus) and Ermin Hamidovic (Architects/Intervals).

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Coridian


Year: 2020
Type: EP
Year: 2017
Type: EP
Year: 2015
Type: EP

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