15 Aug 2022

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Metrosideros - EP Review: Var.

30 Apr 2021 // A review by Corinne Rutherford

From the south coast of Wellington, Metrosideros' Matt Dalzell and Ellie Rose have created somewhat of a cool and funky trip hop sound with swirling’s of dub and journeys into backbeats. Their latest EP, Var. is an intriguing mix of electronica incorporated with lo-fi elements, fuzzy rock and big beats.

There is still plenty of material left to record, the plan is to keep pursuing with studio work as it is also part of the writing process. Recently Metrosideros were picked up by Shore Dive Records in the UK and also by a leading trip hop compilation label (Label Cantroll, Take a Trip Vol 7).

Metrosideros is the project of Matt Dalzell (formerly guitarist for Malchicks in the 90's), who plays all the instruments and does the programming on the six tracks of Var. There's some smart mixing going on here, incorporating enthralling vocals with catchy beats and layers of nostalgic psychedelic sounds delivering the odd “banger”. Var. covers a lot of bases, yet is tightly woven together to create a cohesive, interesting and intriguing soundscape.

The opening track, Blacksands featuring the impressive vocals of Alba Rose easing you into Var. with a hypnotic trance like mood.

In between the first and the last tracks are fuzzy guitar and synth offering everything from glitchy sounds to low spine tingling rumbles. Piano and drums are added to create rich full beats, there is so much to love on this EP. Structure of words, sound and vocals make for a captivating six songs and left me wanting more.

The track which combines all elements of big beats, fuzzy rock and electronica perfectly in my opinion is Raptor, also featuring Alba Rose. Previously described as "reminiscent of the Chemical Bros, or The Prodigy." This is the final track on the EP which really showcases what Metrosideros can do, and do well.

The guest contributors on Var. are: Alba Rose (vocals), Coralie Martin (vocals), Joe Ogle (live DAW, keyboards).

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Metrosideros

Metrosideros is a project of Matt Dalzell, guitarist and songwriter once of the Malchicks, which came together after pandemic lockdown was eased in Wellington in mid-2020. Matt and Ellie Rose discovered a mutual fascination with trip hop, vintage roots blues and jazz from the 1920's, and breakbeats and electronica. They primarily work out of Puresound Studios. A Metrosideros live band began playing in March 2021 to promote the second EP, titled var., released in parallel with Shore Dive Records, UK.

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Year: 2021
Type: EP
Year: 2020
Type: EP

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