18 May 2022

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Elemeno P - Gig Review: Elemeno P @ Mornington Tap House, Dunedin - 25/03/2021

27 Mar 2021 // A review by Darryl Baser

The opening act Marlin's Dreaming slide into a well-chosen opening number. Opening with gently strummed chords, and a drum machine, which the drummer synced with well when he came in.

The singer has a good range, the bunker under the Mornington Tavern filled up gradually, and by the end of the show it looked like they’d had about 200 people through the door.

Their second song reminded me of 90's UK shoegaze.

Before the third song, Marlins Dreaming’s singer says gidday, mumbles the band's name and says, "we're honoured to be opening up for Elemeno P, we grew up listening to that shit, still do." Paul, my reviewing buddy for the evening guesses Kings of Leon are also an influence.

A couple of songs later, including an art rock instrumental which left many in the growing crowd talking loudly, and then not even politely applauding.

They follow with a more standard alt pop tune during which the singer's guitar could out jangle any of the Dunedin bands of the 1980's.

Pretty good set, tough to be a band unknown in these parts to open up for a heritage act like Elemeno P.

There was a decent break before Elemeno P came on - it takes big cajoles to have Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as your walk on song.

Opening with Nirvana featuring the classic line, "I like Nirvana, it doesn't mean I'll shoot myself". Verona then follows and there’s about 200 people singing along with Dave ‘Gibbo’ Gibson.

There could have been another 150 to 200 people here easily, but it's a bloody good pa, and the basement venue is fabulous.

Goodbye is a stunning 6/8 ballad, which has more of the crowd singing.

After The Benjamins Dave introduces the band, and it turns out guitarist Justyn Pilbrow was born in Dunedin, as was Scotty Pearson on drums.

Fast Times In Tahoe had everyone singing along, and many cell phones filming. It's easily got to be among the Kiwi greats.

Dave asks people to give it up for Marlins Dreaming, and says Elemeno P are honoured to share a stage with them, he says "if you haven't heard them, follow them on Spotify and stream that shit".

The band begins On My Balcony, which Dave says they’ve "played it four times in 20 years", it's dedicated to Don, who is celebrating an anniversary, birthday in January, or something.

Everyday’s A Saturday is another dead set banger, since before that expression was a thing. It's an incredible song, especially live. Newest member Jessie Booth smashes Justin's solo out of the park.

Weed Out is another live anthem, and let's face it, mentioning 'weed' is an easy way to get people engaged, especially if you also mention a '40oz'.

11:57 has the crowd singing along with what they remember. There's a solid contingent at the front, but also pockets of people singing the call and response parts. Dave, is a great front man, interacting with audience members as if he was one on one.

Dave, introduces drummer Scotty Pearson to the mic, and they bust into The Ramones' I Wanna Be Sedated. Nice work - it's a top version, and a great addition to the set.

Following with, the Weezer tune Say It Ain't So, and encores for the Verlaine's Death And The Maiden, it's a hell of a way to end a show in Dunedin. The band exits as Dave serenades the well-satisfied crowd with a brief acoustic version of Fast Times In Tahoe.

Photos courtesy of Andrew @ Keaphotos


About Elemeno P

Pop music: an expression of the current consciousness of what’s happening. An onomatopoetic description for sure, a boom, a bang that jolts and shakes things around, it can shift and change into many forms, its chameleon nature becomes seductive. Phil Spector called the stuff he did "little symphonies", encapsulated stories about life that has just as much resonance as the high brow classical form he borrowed from. Pop music is the sound of the actual, all the little details of how we live our lives, the soundtrack to our reality.

Elemeno P make pop music that bangs, guitar power pop with big choruses that is an invitation to a party next to a pool with lots of girlies, where the summer is endless and school or work is but a distant memory. Choice.

Dave Gibson describes the band as "We’re just happy people" and Dave is indeed a person full of the jollification that life can bring. But don’t let that cloud your perspective, he has a solid background in musical performance. Playing in a variety of acts: Queen City Big Band, hardcore band Nickel and in 1998 toured Eastern Europe in a band called Elephant, where he broke his back - the fun has to stop sometimes. He’s also somewhat of a of a media veteran, having appeared in numerous commercials and featuring in the film The Locals and also a stint as a radio DJ. Surprisingly finding time to complete a commerce degree, he’s a man who knows what to do and how to do it.

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Elemeno P
Year: 2008
Type: Album
Trouble In Paradise
Year: 2005
Type: Album
Love & Disrespect
Year: 2003
Type: Album
Fast Times In Tahoe
Year: 2002
Type: EP
Every Day's A Saturday
Year: 2002
Type: EP
Year: 2002
Type: EP

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