17 Jun 2021

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Little Fang - Album Review: Violence

19 Mar 2021 // A review by Bethany Mountford

Picture: You’re in your beat up first car, girlfriend in the passenger seat. It’s late and raining. Neon signs and street lights bleed out onto the road before you. The turn for her house approaches but you drive right past. She looks at you with furrowed brows but you both knew this had to be the way. It’s going to be a long night on the road, and this is the soundtrack.

The new album Violence from Christchurch band Little Fang sounds like skipping town. The album is undoubtedly well produced. There’s a really nice kick drum sound that is present throughout the album.

I can’t tell if the first track is an angry and defiant dig at working for ‘the man’ or just a song about getting on with it and doing what you have to do for your own life. A very nostalgic sound starts building at track two, Hibernate, and peaks at track three, Labyrinths (don’t worry it peaks again at track six).

The vocals seem a little out of sync in some of the tracks, like trying to pack too many syllables into a short space. Though there are definitely moments too where the vocals pull the tracks together. The dreamy monologue at the end of Hibernate is an example of this, as well as the rambly, conversational lyrics in tracks Labyrinths and Overload.

In between these two, Teller has a cool skate/surf/punky vibe to it, a welcome pick up in pace at that point in the album.

Track six, Anna (In A Fever), is the highlight of the album. It’s driven, moody, powerful and features a catchy riff that perfectly captures the essence of the whole album.

The last third of the album follows a very classic rock recipe. For my short attention span, the final track is a little uninteresting to be as long as it is, at 6:42. Though definitely worth a listen for all you classic rockers.

Rating: ( 3 / 5 )

About Little Fang

Everything about the 90's and guitars distilled into four personable guys.

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