28 Feb 2021

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Craig Payne - Album Review: I'm Not Giving The Game Away

10 Feb 2021 // A review by Ben Ruegg

Ah. That's refreshing.

Upon starting up the new album from Craig Payne, I am immediately thrown back to my 8-year-old self at my parent's house listening to the music that I grew up with. I listen with a keen ear at the energy and fun that comes roaring from the opening title track I'm Not Giving The Game Away.

The piano, the tambourine, the guitar, that little first inversion minor 7 chord verse. There is something real about it through the reverb and room sound that doesn't sound over-processed. There are elements here that immediately make me think of Elvis Costello and other artists that fit into that sound. It's fantastic. Care has been given to these 9 tracks. Of course, all artists care and put effort into their music. That's just how it works. But I really like this because it's, like many, a one-man band.

Reading his story on his website, I am absolutely in awe at his journey to this album. Truly. His inspiration coming from artists like The Beatles, The Shadows and many others he lists can be heard here. And while the music is well thought out, the lyrics also seem deep and reflective while also having some positive messages like on the track Everyone's The Same Inside, which again is another great example of songwriting with its chord choices and flow. The drums and bass work together to hold the steady beat and pace while acoustic drives the song with a bit a slide guitar in the passenger seat. Throw in some good well thought out lead guitar and you have quite the road trip. I love it.

There is a lot on offer here if you pay attention. Isn't that life in general? Well, yes. I digress. There are many moments on the album that reward the listener when they give attention. It's testament to Craig's songwriting and his performances where his inspiration and influences have clearly provided him with a solid foundation on which he builds his music.

The album certainly has a vision and idea of what it wants to sound like which works, in this case, works perfectly. It feels like a collection of songs that hold together well and work cohesively. The atmosphere and feel of the music paired with Craig's vocal have a real authenticity to it that I appreciate and admire.

I really enjoyed this album and will be adding it to my playlist.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

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